Capri Wedding by Sugokuii Weddings Capri
December 2, 2011

Let's come up with a dream wedding scenario for a minute.  Perhaps it involves an intimate celebration with your closest family and friends.  Your sharing a delicious Italian meal on the edge of a cliff with an incredible ocean view surrounded by the natural beauty of Capri.  Sounds pretty ideal, right?  For this nature-loving couple that dream was a very special reality at their 12 guest destination wedding planned by Sugokuii Weddings Capri.  It is straight out of  the most breathtaking fantasy.  See it all here!

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From Sugokuii Weddings Capri...This beautiful & intimate wedding was a second marriage for Lorin & Roseanna who were intent on finding the perfect outdoor location on the island of Capri, Italy which they love - combined with the sea, the cliffs, nature & forest - the parts they love most about Capri. After much location scouting - which is our specialty at Sugokuii Weddings Capri, I found this beautiful intimate setting; a tiny "belvedere" at the very top of a mountain, 600 feet above the sea - overlooking the famous Faraglioni rock formations and enclosed by natural rocks and mountain cliffs in a somewhat natural rugged setting far away from any villas or tourists -- completely isolated. This location was perfect for the spiritual couple who were looking to have an intimate ceremony location be at one with nature. (There is only space for max 10 people standing). The design was also slightly inspired by Ancient Rome and Roman mythology which was displayed in a natural setting through the statues, reliefs & figurines that were placed throughout the long aisle through the forest - meant to look as if they had always been there and placed there many years ago.

The day started with Italian aperitivi served on the outdoor sea view terrace of their amazingly styish hotel, JK Place Capri where the couple had flown their friends and family to stay at for the weekend. Shortly after, everyone was transported to the tiny deserted area of Capri (about a 20 minute ride) driving through narrow ancient lanes where regular cars and buses aren't able to drive (only very narrow cars can make it through and have to be specially booked days in advance) until they reached the hard to reach area at the top of a mountain. From here, in order to reach the ceremony location, one had to first walk through a local vineyard, a tiny forest, down the end of a deserted road - walking uphill - and I must say that Roseanna looked very much the part of a Roman goddess in her towering Jimmy Choo's and Greco-Roman inspired Versace dress and Lorin in his beige suit and mint colored shirt matching Roseanna's jewellery. The bride carried an all white peony bouquet rimmed with fragrant rosemary local to Capri (Capri has it's own type of rosemary which grows everywhere!). The couple matched each other beautifully! Look at Lorin's amazing belt that also matches his shoes and his unique cufflinks matching the same blue in her jewellery! This couple were truly in sync.

The ceremony lasted 30 minutes -- and had only 12 guests in attendance (there is not space for more) - so it was a very intimate wedding overlooking the amazing blue sea, 600 feet above sea level which took place 1 hour before sunset. The natural rocks also served as makeshift benches -- and in between this, to make the area a bit more soft looking between the rocks and rugged area, we added white flowers and lavender - which were the main colors used throughout the wedding, along with a natural rustic brown wood and the natural surroundings - which we didn't want to change, but merely wanted to enhance it's natural beauty. Lorin & Roseanna are a spiritual couple and this was reflected in the ceremony by creating a formation of a circle between all the guests who were primarily standing throughout the ceremony, which also included a special ceremony blessing and handfasting in the 30 minute long ceremony. Their ceremony was incidentally performed by an officiant that may officiate outdoor weddings in Italy with legal validity -- one of very few in Italy who are allowed to do this. There was also a poetry reading from "Night on the Island" by Pablo Neruda, who lived in Capri in the 1950's and often wrote poetry in the same area where the ceremony took place.

After the wedding, the guests walked down a path that lead into an other natural spectacular outdoor area of Capri -- a tiny "park", at the end of a road, filled with towering trees and a sea view "to die for". When I saw this location, I knew immediately it would be perfect to have their wedding dinner here -- the outdoors, the nature and the immediate connection with the belvedere above it where they just got married was perfect for them! This location I describe as "the edge of the world", because it feels like it -- as it is a tiny park at the very end of the road, at the edge of a cliff - nestled between mountains, sea and forest. It is truly like being at the edge of the world where one can't walk any farther. In keeping with the Ancient Rome inspiration - the floral were kept simple, using lavender from local Capri fields picked that afternoon and classic white roses -- and classic floral arrangements were put into large stone vases that were so heavy that it took 4 men to carry them to this location. These were put around the perimeter of the dinner location - but never taking away from the amazing sea view and cliff edges.

The entire wedding was captured by the talented Simply Bloom team, who really captured the ancient Roman-rustic-classical style, the amazing sunset, the intimacy of the wedding and the adorable couple. This wedding was truly unique and the first time a wedding ever had taken place in this location. When I asked the local mayors assistant for permission to use the location - they looked at me with amazement -- and had no idea what to charge me to use the area, since it is owned by the state and had never been used before for a wedding or an official matter even. In fact, it took them 6 weeks to get back to me with a rental price with continuous correspondence and discussions with the local fire marshall -- and even then, they seemed unsure about the rental price! However, when Lorin & Roseanna saw the location for the first time, the expression on their faces told me right away that I had found exactly what they were looking for - their love of nature, natural environment and the importance of close family & friends and love for one an other by having the ceremony & dinner feel intimate throughout in one of their favorite places in the world..It was truly a wedding at the edge of the world.

Wedding Design + Planning: Sugokuii Weddings Capri / Wedding Photography: Simply Bloom Photography / Carpentry, Floral, Linens + Tableware: Local Vendors in Capri + Napoli, Designed by Sugokuii Weddings Capri / Ceremony + Reception Location: Belvedere in Capri (Sugokuii Weddings Capri for info) / Stationery: Delapresse Custom Letterpress / Pre-Wedding Cocktail Reception + Hotel: JK Place Capri / Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Groom's Shoes: Berluti / Wedding Dress: Versace