Della Terra Mountain Chateau Wedding from Becky Young + Cori Cook
December 1, 2011
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This couple met in the city where I first fell in love with my husband - Fort Collins, Colorado. Call it kismet that their wedding fell into my lap, but as soon as I read the first line of their love story, I felt a certain pull to them. And then I read their amazing proposal story. And my stomach exploded in a fit of butterflies. And then. I laid eyes on the wedding. Photographed by Becky Young Photography. Phenomenal flowers by Cori Cook Floral Design. Cupcakes galore. And all set at the beautiful Della Terra Mountain Chateau. I was hooked, and I just couldn't get enough. So I wanted to share this special couple with you all today, and I'll remind you now that there is a full image gallery just waiting for you to explore!

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Kanit and I met blues dancing in Fort Collins, CO.  It's a passion that we share, so it made perfect sense that Kanit would devise a secret plan to propose while dancing. Our group of friends got together every Tuesday night to dance.  I thought the dance that night was nothing out of the ordinary, except that it was in a different location than normal and only our close friends were present. What I didn't realize was that Kanit was in town.  He had lead me to believe that he was at his new base in Texas, when in fact he was secretly staying at my friend's house. Even when I saw the floor lined with candles and flowers, it still didn't register anything special. During one of the songs, I noticed that the girls were drifting out of the dance one by one, leaving me as the object of a large, involved, steal-dance with all the guys.  Imagine my surprise when Kanit suddenly stole me and everyone faded to the sides of the floor!  I immediately knew exactly why he was there and I refused to let him get on his knee.  After a good-natured struggle, he finally succeeded, whispered a heartfelt proposal, and I accepted.

We immediately started planning the wedding.  We knew that we didn't want to have our wedding at some hotel or other popular venue; it just didn't fit our personalities.  After an exhaustive web search, I found, quite by accident, Della Terra. Since it was only a half hour into the mountains from my parents' house, we decided to check it out.  As soon as we walked up we knew it was the place.  The staff was so nice to us, the building gorgeous, the location perfect.  After we picked the venue, we began looking at wedding planners.  I had been a little unsure about hiring a wedding planner, but trying to plan a Colorado wedding while living in Texas was something that I didn't want to tackle on my own.  I began emailing with Debbie at Save the Date Events, and after a long phone conversation, we decided to hire her!  Probably the best decision made during our planning process.  Through her, we met our photographer, caterer, and dj.  Through our wonderful photographer, I met our florist.  Debbie kept me sane and organized.  I highly recommend having a wedding planner!

Since Kanit is Thai and I was born and raised in the foothills of Colorado, we decided to turn that into a theme.  To compliment the beautiful venue, we went with a chocolate brown, light sage-y green, and purple (my favorite color).  With lots of help from Debbie and Cori at Cori Cook Floral, we were able to create a cohesive feel to the Thailand-meets-Colorado theme. For favors, we gave little Thai elephants because they represent good luck in the Thai culture nestled in with some Rocky Mountain Taffy, purchased at a shop in Estes Park.  The buffet-style dinner had local Colorado-style food, a mashed potato bar, and a Pad Thai station.

One of the things I remember most vividly is the weather.  The night before it was cold and very foggy.  Guests told us that they had driven through freezing rain and fog on their way up the mountain.  We were truly blessed.  On our wedding day, the sky was nearly clear, the air a cool mid-70s, and just the barest breeze.  I remember all the smiles of our guests and the energy of the reception.  Kanit tells me he remembers watching me walk down the aisle.  Becky at Becky Young Photography was amazing at catching all the moments during the day and we really have been unable to pick a favorite photo.

Overall, our wedding was everything we had dreamed of.  It was as close to perfect as possible.  And thanks to Debbie and the fabulous staff at Della Terra, the wedding went off without a hitch, and I didn't even KNOW about any problems, so I was able to concentrate on enjoying myself, my new husband, and celebrating with our friends and family.

Photography: Becky Young Photography / Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau / Event Coordination: Save the Date Events / Catering: Footers / Floral Design: Cori Cook Floral Design / Cake: Intricate Icings / DJ: Great Time DJs / Hair: Bella Capelli / Invitations: Cloud 9 Weddings and Papers / Wedding Dress Designer: Robin Jillian Bridal