Bridal Sashes and Jewelry by Glam House Bridal Couture
November 15, 2011
We all go bananas for a little bit, ok, a lot of sparkle and shine, now don’t we? Well our newest Look Book addition, Glam House Bridal Couture is quite literally lighting things up this morning with all their sparkly gorgeousness and we can’t wait to show it off to you. To-die-for Couture Bridal Sashes, Vintage Crystal Headbands and other delicious Bridal Jewelry are all handmade and will glam up any wedding day look to the max.

Glam House Bridal Couture

One look at these babies and you may be wondering just how Glam House Bridal Couture injects so much sparkle into these pretty-as-can-be pieces. Instead of flat back rhinestones that give off a mirror look, these fashionistas only use crystals that have a pointed back and are set in a silver setting so they sparkle like a million tiny little diamonds.  And shining like a diamond on your big day sounds just divine, doesn’t it? So hurry on over to Glam House Bridal Couture’s Look Book where the pretty parade marches on with sashes and jewels galore for you to feast your eyes upon.