San Francisco Wedding Highlight Film from Vantage Point Productions
November 5, 2011
Ballroom Weddings
Good morning LBBers! I hope your weekend is off to a good start, but if you're waiting for the right thing to come along and jumpstart the day into a wedding induced love haze, this is it. If this is your first Vantage Point Productions wedding film, consider yourself lucky. Because not only was Vantage Point true to form, capturing every emotion, every smile, every detail perfectly, but the wedding at the center? Amazing. Beyond amazing, complete with an adorably in love couple. With the most adorable first kiss. I'll stop, because we all know I can go on and on about a good wedding film, and I just want you to see it!

San Francisco Wedding Film

Photography by Ben & Eric Chrisman of Chrisman Studios.

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From Vantage Point Productions ... From the gorgeous Romanesque and Gothic elements of St. Mark’s Church to the renowned Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel at the crest of the illustrious Nob Hill district of San Francisco, this is a wedding to remember. Andreana planned the entire event while in Indonesia and saw to all the details, large and small, that would culminate in the hallmark of her vision – which included three dresses and a super fun wedding party dance! The day came together in a spectacular way, visually grand and beautiful. But sight is only one of the five senses and as filmmakers it is our goal to capture the energy of an occasion. This affair was charged with an electric energy of sweet fun … a tone set by Andreana and Eddie the minute they set foot in the city!

Venue: Mark Hopkins Hotel / Photography: Ben & Eric Chrisman, Chrisman Studios / Floral Design: Asiel Design / Music & MC: Maurice Britton of Amos Productions / Linen: 1st Class Linen Production / Cake Design: Mark Hopkins Hotel / Cinematography: Vantage Point Productions