Are You a Modern Wedding Bride?
November 4, 2011
How fabulous is this Friday? A pretty day dedicated to all things modern wedding. Oh clean, crisp, contemporary goodness - how you make a modern bride swoon. After seeing the modern goodness of the last wedding, you might be wondering if you have what it takes to be a contemporary chic chickadee - well don't fret my pretty, that's what we are here for! We've pulled together a few (fun) questions for you to answer to see if you might fit the modern bride bill. And no worries my loves - we aren't taking score.


See more of this lovely modern wedding here!

1. Does Scandinavian design make you swoon and clutter make you shudder?

2. Are you more Mac than PC?

3. Do you dream of a gown with a shapely silhouette? And maybe a sassy headpiece to go with it?

4. Do you lust over the exposed beams and wide open spaces of loft living?

5. Is Helvetica your default font for all correspondence?

6. Is your favorite color white with hints of lucite? Do you just die over all things monochromatic?

7. Do you go ga ga over geometric patterns? Does your dream cake replicate those crisp, clean shapes?

8. Do you scour the world wide web for gorgeous graphic design? Do you know the names of at least 10 fonts off the top of your head?

9.  When you think of the florals for you fête, do you think orchids (for the city chic) or succulents (for the outdoor affair)? Are your dream florals more than just flowers, but a huge part of your overall design?

10. Do you think less really is more?

Well, my darling, you just might be a Modern Bride.

And because we love you, we've rounded up some of our favorite modern SMP weddings for you to spend your afternoon swooning over...

A Palm Springs pretty full of gorgeous graphics...

Palm Springs

A marvelously modern Rhode Island gala...

Rhode Island

Modern glamour at its finest...

Palm Springs_Sarah Yates

A San Francisco soiree that will have you craving clean lines...

San Francisco

It's official, SmogShoppe is perfect for a modern fête...


whimsical wonderland of modern goodness...


Modern meets nautical, and it sure is gorgeous!


A Brooklyn beauty with perfectly chic florals...


A seaside chic celebration with no serifs in sight!

Vero Beach

Modern NYC fabulousness...

NYC_Dave Robbins

Hang tight! There is more modern goodness coming your way!