New York Garden Wedding by Mademoiselle Fiona
November 3, 2011
Tri State
Garden Weddings

After spending a whirlwind 24 hours in New York yesterday, I can fully appreciate an affair in the heart of this big, bustling city that feels so intimate, so serene, so full of love. Not to say there isn't a whole lot of love in the Big Apple, just that it all seems a little fast and furious. But not this beautiful moment in time captured by Mademoiselle Fiona. It's a glimpse into a gorgeous wedding with a couple that didn't let the day stress or overwhelm them. Instead they created a breath of fresh garden air that has our hearts beating ever so fast. It's perfect and it's all camping out in the full gallery. See it here.

New York Wedding

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From the Bride...John and I met in New York. Our relationship has been long distance. We had actually not lived with each other before and prepared our apartment in advance of the wedding and our wedding night was the first night we spent in our new apartment. It was stressful setting up the apartment in a week, but it was more a lead up to the wedding day. We saw our wedding as an occasion to recognize our life starting together. We wanted the wedding to be stress-free and organic, so we tried not to include too many moving pieces.

Through the planning process my sister was there to remind me to not get too caught up in the "wedding day". That every bride is beautiful and every guest is happy to be there so it will always be special. So stressing before, during and after (paying for it) is really not worth it when the outcome is the same. So I focussed on the details that made me happy (like finding the perfect cake topper, unique bottles and books for the centerpieces), when I noticed something was stressing me too much I brought in a friend or family member to think of a different solution that was either easier or cheaper. The whole process should be happy.

Wedding Photography: Mademoiselle Fiona / Flowers: DIY / Ceremony Location: Ladies' Pavillon / Reception Location: Savoy Restaurant (SoHo) / Wedding Dress: Blessus