Garden Wedding Invitation Round Up
October 28, 2011
Garden Weddings
So you've discovered that you are indeed a garden wedding junkie. Now what? Before the bride walks down the aisle, before the centerpieces have been placed, before the programs have been passed - it's the invitation that truly sets the tone for your wedding. Through fonts and colors and shape and size, the invitation is the first glimpse into all the lovely your lucky guests are in for when they walk into your wedding. That gorgeous piece of stationery can speak volumes through its design, and since we are are going ga ga for Garden Inspired Weddings today we thought we would show you some lovely invitation inspiration for your floral inspired fête.

1. Akimbo / 2. Prim Pixie / 3. Atelier Isabay / 4. Erica Keuter / 5. Ceci New York / 6. Albertine / 7. Two Yellow Shoes / 8. Momental Designs / 9. Akimbo / 10. A Printable Press / 11. Laura Hooper / 12. Bella Figura / 13. Regas NY / 14. Shine Wedding Invitations

Beeeeeeeyond, right? It's the sense of casual, the sense of whimsy, the feminine pretty paired next to classic design that is captured in each of these pieces that make them oh-so-perfect for introducing your guess to your garden style affair. It's about capturing the romance of what's to come...