Four Seasons Biltmore Wedding from enLuce + Imagine...Weddings & Special Events
October 28, 2011
United States
Classic Weddings
What does a planner do when a bride comes to her and say she wants a traditional affair - but "not too traditional?" If the bride is lucky, Imagine...Weddings & Special Events, LLC looks here in the eye and says "We can do that." Which is exactly how this gorgeous California affair started. The bride wanted something classic, with a modern, fun feel to it, and after spending lots of time with enLuce Photography's beautiful images, I totally feel it. It's gorgeous, classy, with just the perfect amount of now. Check out the full image gallery, and you'll see what I mean.

Four Seasons California Wedding

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We met back in preschool, but did not know it.  After that, we met in high school, and then went our separate ways for 16 plus years, crossing paths here and there and seeing each other on holidays and mutual friends' weddings.  A year and a half ago ago, his sister and another mutual friend planted the seeds in our head when I was gearing to move back to California and he was out of a long term relationship. We re-acquainted over Thanksgiving of 2009 and sparks flew!

Matt put the ring on my finger when I was sleeping one Saturday night.  I woke up and he was acting all funny.  I contemplated why, and for some reason looked at my hand and found the ring!

When we envisioned our wedding we wanted fun.  First and foremost. I wanted every person to have fun from start to finish.  I wanted classic, elegant, black tie.  Black tie affairs are so rare and I loved the idea of seeing our friends and family dressed up for a special occasion.  I saw lots of flowers and good lighting, but not too much going on.  Just classic, elegant, beautiful, soft colors.   We had great music. A traditional affair - but not too traditional!

Catering: Four Seasons Biltmore / Venue: Four Seasons Biltmore / Planner: Imagine...Weddings & Special Events, LLC / Floral: Butterfly Floral / Photographer: enLuce Photography / Ceremony Music: West Coast Music