Cantina Belvedere Restaurant Wedding by Cinzia Bruschini
October 26, 2011

You are about to go on the prettiest of mental vacations via this lovely affair by Cinzia Bruschini. I hope you packed your most gorgeous of imaginary get-ups because lovelies, we are going to a seriously stylish al fresco party complete with my new all time favorite gown. Yes, I said it for everyone to hear - I am in love with this dress. And this entire wedding. So I am going to continue my fab little mid-morning mental vaca (wearing an imaginary gown just as pretty as this one) in the full gallery of images. Care to join me?










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From the Bride...I am Australian and Mark is Irish and we chose to have our wedding ceremony on neutral ground by the sea in Santa Maria di Castellabate, Italy.  Fifty of our closest family and friends flew in from Australia, Ireland, England, Taiwan and the USA.  In Italy we would have the sunshine like Australia and we would also be acknowledging Mark's Italian heritage.  We fell in love with the authentic and picturesque town during our site visit, and knew that out friends and family would love the food, atmosphere and laid-back feel of the place too.  Mark and I both work in creative industries so we wanted to try and fuse our personalities into the day, from designing and illustrating the stationery to crafting decorations.  Although Mark and I like the character of the old town and buildings, we also love a modern aesthetic and found our perfect wedding venue at the beach side resort, Trezene.  The minimalist and modern decor was a great blank canvas for us to add our own touches, such as pops of vibrant color through flowers, handmade tissue-paper pom poms and origami.  We only saw the venue once prior to our wedding but because we had taken about a million pictures of the venues and hired a wedding planner who works just in that area, we were able to imagine and create an exciting and memorable day for everyone.

We took guests on a 'magical mystery tour' from the beach side/poolside terrace, to the UNESCO heritage listed hilltop town of Castellabate, where they were serenaded by a local guitar and mandolin player while drinking pink prosecco and enjoying Italian cakes and savories in the town square.  It was so lovely to be amongst the local people who were so friendly and all came up to us to wish us congratulations.  When the sun began to set Mark and I, along with the guitar and mandolin player led everyone through the cobbled streets to our candlelit restaurant with the most stunning view of the coastline.

The morning of the wedding, I swam in the ocean with my best friend.  It was so cleansing and relaxing and was the perfect start to the day.  Mark and I had breakfast together and then went for a long walk on the beach.  We said goodbye and that we would see each other later on at the ceremony.  I'd highly recommend this if you have time, it was so beautiful to be able to spend time alone together and take in the excitement of the day ahead.

It was great fun to organize the event on our own being the only ones who had been to the destination before, and surprise our guests continually throughout the day.  Friends contributed to our day by playing guitar, flute and singing during our ceremony, some friends gave beautiful readings, decorated the venue with decorations pre-made in Ireland, and two of my filmmaker friends documented the day with video and super 8.  One of my very talented friends also made my wedding dress.   The ceremony was the most amazing and significant part of the day, by having friends and family from all over the world there to witness our celebration of love was a feeling which was unrivalled and one which we couldn't have prepared for.  An unexpected highlight for me was our first dance.  We had taken a couple of dance lessons and had learned a simple and fun routine, which no one knew about and which we had practiced in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  It felt like everything was present and right in that moment during the dance, surrounded by our guests who were clapping and egging us on, but just the two of us together, it felt like this was the start of the party and the rest of our lives.

Wedding Photography: Cinzia Bruschini / Wedding Coordination: My Secret Italy / Wedding Dress: Sarah Foy Design / Flowers: Veronica (local florist) / Hair: Anna (local hairdresser) / Wedding Stationery Designer: The Groom / Bridesmaid Dresses: Coast / Bride's Shoes: DSOL / Jewelry: Rangoli / Ceremony Venue: Trezene / Reception Venue: Cantina Belvedere Restaurant