Outdoor Sedona Wedding from Cameron + Kelly Studios
October 13, 2011
There are few things about this Arizona wedding, captured by the brilliant Cameron + Kelly Studios, that I don't love. Okay, never mind - there is not one single thing that I do not love. I love the flowers, the traditional white flowers mixed with beautiful succulents, giving the arrangements a very Sedona-esque feel. I love the fun pepper detail on the isle runner and centerpieces - who thinks of such fabulous decor ideas like that? I LOVE the cake - with an almost watercolor design to it. I love the love that is 100% apparent between these two - you'll have to read their story below to see that. And I love that there is an image gallery filled with even more fantastic deets for all of our viewing pleasure!

Sedona Arizona Wedding

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From the groom ... We designed the theme of the wedding around the unsung sides of the southwest; the blue skies, the green of succulents, the clean air that we enjoy in this beautiful place. We truly fell in love in Mexico during a three month period of travel there shortly after our relationship began. When we began planning our wedding we wanted to share that romance with our guests.

I had met Sarah years before our first date. We were friendly and knew each others names but that was about all that could be said. Fast forward a few years and we crossed paths again. I ran into Sarah at her job and asked her to meet me after work for a drink. She declined. I would not be deterred and we traded messages and phone calls over several weeks as we tried to make time to get together. Three weeks later we had scheduled a traditional dinner and a movie first date. The night before, Sarah called and changed the venue. Our first date was at the Grand Canyon. Sarah had unknowingly selected the perfect venue.

I moved to Arizona from Connecticut because of the Grand Canyon and spent three summers working for the Park Service. Sarah had a much deeper connection to the Canyon, her grandmother was a nurse at the clinic and her mother had gone to high school at Grand Canyon High School. We talked for hours out at Shoshone Point. We went to the village and talked for a few more hours. Then we drove back to Flag and had dinner, talking the whole time. The first date lasted about 14 hours and when we said good night I knew that I had found the love of my life.

From the bride ... From the first date, I have always been amazed with Ben's patient, understanding, loving, fun loving nature. He invited me to travel with him in Mexico during the second week of dating. Ben and I decided it would be an adventure, and even though we had only been dating for two weeks it was a risk worth taking. The time spent in Mexico, especially Oaxaca, changed my life. I fell in love with Ben and I learned wonderful, impressive, and beautiful things about him in Mexico. My life was changed for the better by taking a chance (and maybe even a crazy chance) and going to Southern Mexico for three months with a man I had just met.

Ben began our engagement with a lie. It was our anniversary, Ben told me he was sorry but that he had to work at 7 am and we would not be able to spend the day together. At 6:30 am, Ben's alarm went off and he walked around to my side of the bed, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He told me that he had lied because he wanted to surprise me with a proposal first thing in the morning so that we had all day to celebrate. We jumped in the car with our little dog Mosley and drove down to Sedona to enjoy the day together.

I couldn't have asked for a better partner to plan a wedding with. Ben is the groom that every bride wishes she had helping her. Ben was right there by my side, making decisions, calling vendors, picking out colors and flowers.... he even helped make the ribbon wands for the ceremony. He helped me out so much and is a super groom. That is probably cheesy, but he really is a super groom.

Hair & Makeup: Patricia Vega, La Petite Salon / Day-of Coordination: JB, Sedona Luxury Weddings / Floral: Garage by Ivy / Officiant: Shanandoah Sterling, Sterling Weddings / Ceremony Site: L'Auberge de Sedona / Reception Site: Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, Calle Independencia / Catering: Heartline Cafe / Cake: Sedona Cake Couture / Entertainment: AZ Nights / Rentals: Tri Rentals / Photography: Cameron + Kelly Studios