Devil's Thumb Ranch Wedding from Pick Me! Floral & Event Design
October 13, 2011
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Pick Me! Floral & Event Design is a genius. I know that is a bold statement to make, but think about it. Colorado is filled with natural beauty around every corner. Trees, mountains, rivers, and streams. And somehow, every wedding I see from Pick Me! is able to take that natural beauty, harness it, enhance it, and make it so Colorado, so beautiful, and so absolutely freakin' perfect. Take this wedding, captured by Jenni Maroney Photographers. Set at the beyond gorgeous Devil's Thumb Ranch, Pick Me! just magnified the beauty by about a million, all in a days work. The floral design is stunning. Soak it all up - then check out the gallery for even more!

Colorado Rance Wedding

Colorado Rance Wedding 2

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Colorado Rance Wedding 6

We wanted a natural/rustic atmosphere and Devils thumb is the perfect place for this.  All the decorations added to the natural beauty of the venue.  We chose all different shades of purple and green because we love those colors together.  We didn't want to have a cookie cutter wedding so there were many different shades of these colors being worn by the wedding party and in the decor so that we could add a lot of color to the day.

We completely created our ceremony from scratch, incorporating four themes of what marriage really means to us.  These themes included Trust, Friendship, Inexplicably Intertwined and Support of Family and Friends.  These were expressed through readings that we chose.  The most special part of the ceremony was when Mike himself stood up with a close friend and played a song for the guests.  The song was chosen to represent the importance of the support we would need from our friends and family along the way.  We are who we are today because of the people closest to us who have helped shape our lives.  The song they played was "Strange Design" by Phish and really added a personal touch to the ceremony.

The entire soundtrack from the wedding was completely designed by us.  From the Friday night dinner rehearsal to the very last song the DJ played, it was the music we wanted to hear on our special day.  We uploaded the album to a shared site where friends and family could download it later and re-listen to the  music they heard all weekend long.  We also had personalized pint glasses filled with chocolate kisses for each guest.

Photography: Jenni Maroney Photographers / Venue: Devil's Thumb Ranch / Florist: Pick Me! Floral and Events