Bridal, Bridesmaid and Menswear Collections by J.Crew
October 4, 2011
You know that feeling you get when upon checking the mail, you discover a brand new, shiny J.Crew Magazine waiting just for you? Page upon page of tailored, beautiful fashion for you to thumb through? Well today’s Look Book is just bursting at the seams with J.Crew loveliness too, with new Fall/Holiday 2011 Collections for Bridal, Maids and Menswear. They’ve hit the trifecta and we couldn’t be more excited to share some of the goods.

Bridesmaids everywhere were doing a little happy dance when J.Crew first came out with their Bridesmaid Dresses, and they continue to hit the mark with each and every season that passes. Versatile, chic and comfy too, these frocks are simply perfection whether you’re having a beachy, sun-filled affair or will be rocking out a gorgeous black-tie ballroom event. And everything in between. Necklines galore, color to make a rainbow jealous, and most of all, a dress your ladies will be happy to wear both during the big event and afterwards. Need we say more?

J.Crew Bridesmaids

Next up are the Gowns….which are all sorts of beautiful. These designs are simply stunning and have styles that fit with the J.Crew signature look we’ve all fallen hard for as well as other creations that have recently been added to the mix. One strap, strapless, pockets, flowing, fitting and fabulous, if style is your thing and options are what you’re craving, then walking down the aisle in one of these beautiful babies is just what the doctor ordered.

J.Crew Gowns

And with our newest Look Book Category now added to the mix; Menswear, J.Crew has loads of looks that will have your hubby-to-be, as well as his groomsmen looking just peachy too. Crisp suits and tailored tuxes come in a variety of styles and hues that are sure to match your vision.

J.Crew Mens

So now that you’ve seen a peek of J.Crew’s latest and greatest collections, make sure to stop by and take a Lookie-loo at their Look Books. All three of em! Bridal Look Book, Bridesmaids Look Book and Menswear Lookbook, they’re loaded with just what you’ve been looking for.