Bay Harbor Yacht Club Wedding Trailer from Epic Motion
October 1, 2011
Beach Weddings
Boy oh boy am I squirmin' in my seat excited to share this Wedding Trailer from the very talented team at Epic Motion with you today. First of all, the wedding, a destination wedding, takes place in my true home state, near my first love - Lake Michigan (or more specifically, because I know you Mitten people will make sure I've got this right, Little Traverse Bay). For those of you who have never been, get ready to pack your bags, because the calm of the Great Lakes will be calling to you after this. And before we get into it - for you brides and grooms to be - listen closely to the best man's words. He spoke some of the most real, and the most true words I've ever heard in a wedding speech. Oooh, I can't wait any longer, it's time to share!

Petoskey Michigan Wedding

Photography by Milena Sefferovich Photography.

Jamie + Michael's Bay Harbor Yacht Club Wedding from Epic Motion on Vimeo.

From the groom ... Jaime and I met a little over 5 years ago.  She was in college and I just moved back from NY.  We lived right next to each other, and I got her number when she was my server.  We dated for only a little while but nothing to serious.  We both moved on in our own directions and kind of lost contact with each other.

Move forward two years, a failed Facebook stocking opportunity (I invited Jamie to a party I was throwing after 2 years of not talking)  and one text (Jaime felt bad that she couldn't make the party and ivied me to meet her at a bar)  that changed both of our lives and - bam - we were dating.

I can 100% honestly say when I first laid eyes on Jaime, the second time around, I knew that we were going to get married.  On our second date I told her I loved her, and around date four I told her we were going to get married.  I would not suggest this move for any single guys or girls.  But somehow it worked out and March 4, 2009 Jaime said yes under the Golden Gate bridge.

We were going to have the wedding in Tucson and never even considered a destination wedding.  Then we went on a summer trip with Jamie's family to Michigan.  We went on a morning run from Jamie's Aunts house and ended up in the Village of Bay Harbor.  They were setting up a wedding on the lawn and we both said "we should get married here."   When we came back with the idea to Jamie's Mom (The Wedding Boss) and she loved it.  And everything fell into place from there.

Special touches were the people, who honestly made the wedding so amazing.  We had little things that were important to us, U of A cufflinks, Borrowed very expensive diamond earnings, U of A flag flying the day of the wedding, but it was our family and friends who made this such a special event.

Cinematography: Epic Motion / Photography: Milena Sefferovich Photography / Entertainment: Simone Vitale Band / Venue:  Bay Harbor Yacht Club