Chateau de Mirambeau Wedding by Roey Yohai Photodocumentary
September 27, 2011

I can't think of any other way I'd rather spend this lovely Tuesday morning than with my pumpkin spice latte and this stunning Chateau de Mirambeau soiree courtesy of the amazing Roey Yohai.  Yes, you read that right... A romantic chateau in France is the setting of this pretty, pretty affair and if that weren't enough to grab your attention, it's simply brimming with one lovely DIY detail after another from the talented bride and groom, including stunning invitations and paper goods, gorgeous jewelry and a beyond fabulous wedding gown.  And when you see that vibrant purple bouquet, I guarantee you'll be just as smitten as me.  So, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile.  There's an entire gallery of pretty to enjoy!








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From the Bride... Our wedding reflected our passion for food, love for travel, and our homage to our Chinese and American customs. We selected Chateau Mirambeau in Bordeaux as our wedding venue for its gastronomic experience, the renaissance architecture of the Chateau, and the scenic region of Mirambeau. We serendipitously stumbled across Chateau Mirambeau in one of our culinary vacations in Europe. The gastronomic culture, picturesque landscape of vineyards, and ancient cities from Saint-Emilion to Cognac immediately resonated with our wedding dream.

After selecting the Chateau, Henry, a social connoisseur of brandy, and I, an amateur chef, sought out the local delicacies of the region and embarked on a wonderful gourmet adventure, from collaborating with the chateau’s chef, where the chef tailored our wedding menu based on the regions famed ingredients and my discerning palate, to getting to know the local families that for several generations run the vineyards to assist us in selecting our wine parings.

The wedding details were led from my creative vision. I designed my wedding dress, jewelry, invitations, place cards, table signs, and etc. My inspiration for our wedding was based on our international upbringings and travels. The personalized details of our wedding were influenced by our Chinese and American traditions. From the auspicious Chinese tea ceremony, lucky gestures of the double happiness wedding cake topper on top of a macaron wedding cake and the Henry’s cufflinks to American traditions of bridesmaid, best man and groom’s speeches provided the unique international wedding experience within the majestic French environment. We have been together for most of our adult life together and truly believe that this destination wedding is an exceptional portrayal of our enduring love and international lives.

Wedding Photography: Roey Yohai Photodocumentary / Wedding Venue: Chateau de Mirambeau / Wedding Dress + Veil: The Bride (Design) + Selene / Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: The Bride and Groom (Design) + Universal Jewelry / Hair: Votre Salon / Make-up: DIY / Invitation + Other Stationery: DIY, The Bride and Groom / Entertainment: Elan Artists