Augusta Day After Shoot by Ben Yew Photography
September 9, 2011
Western Australia

I am obsessed with the idea of a Day After Shoot. Can you imagine how fabulous it would be to take a few pictures once all the stress is gone, the party went off without a hitch, and it's just you and your main squeeze against the world? Not to mention, it provides a lovely excuse to twirl around in your dress again. Well this shoot by  Ben Yew Photography just made me even more obsessed with the idea. It's all around gorgeous, and there is even more in the full gallery of images!







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From Ben Yew Photography...This lovely couple from Vietnam (Lauren+Duy) got married a few months back (in Perth), but they wanted something different from their wedding day which was captured by another photographer. It was actually a post-wedding photo session, more for the fun of having a bridal session without the stress on their wedding day. Lauren decided to have the session in Margaret River and Augusta as its away from Perth, more relaxed location. Glad the weather was good besides being so cold during winter and it didn't rain on that day, which was great!! We started our session in Margaret River and move towards Augusta, Western Australia.

Photography: Ben Yew Photography