Greenville Country Club Wedding from mk Photography
August 30, 2011
Mid Atlantic
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Gorgeous bride? Check. Luscious florals? Got it. Delicious cake? Definitely looking scrumptious. Amazing story with just enough difficulties that it could definitely be a best selling romantic comedy? You bet. This Delaware wedding from the ever-wonderful mk Photography, has it all. It's the perfect piece of wedded bliss. I can't pick out one single detail that I love the most. The dress, the venue, the centerpieces, the veil, everything. It's all just a big giant tie. Lucky for all of us, there is a whole lot more of this gorgeous wedding in the full image gallery!

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Will and I met the second semester of our freshman year at Tulane University in New Orleans. I was from Delaware and he was an Oklahoma native. We were from two very different places with two very different backgrounds. Will grew up on a farm in a small Oklahoma town and I was an East Coast girl. We dated for three months and then summer hit and we each headed back home until the fall semester. Little did we know, this would be the first of several separations. On August 29th, 2005 I flew back to New Orleans and was picked up by Will at the airport. I had two frantic missed calls on my phone, one from my father, and another from a school friend in Baton Rouge, “Get out of the city,” they said, “A hurricane’s coming.”

We evacuated New Orleans that day and didn’t return to the city until January 2006. Upon returning for what should have been second semester of our sophomore year, Will’s engineering program was cut, and he made heartbreaking decision to  transfer to the University of Tulsa.  For the second time if felt like a rug had been swept from beneath our feet. The thought of maintaining a long-distance relationship for the remainder of our college careers (three years!) was daunting to say the least.

Dozens of crazy phone bills, plane tickets, and airport good-bye’s later , we had made it! Maddie and Will graduated – check. Maddie moved to Oklahoma – check. Maddie and Will were living in the same state, thriving in a non-long-distance relationship – finally!

Two years later Will popped the quested on bended knee in Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana. For the life of me I cannot remember what Will said (and he can’t remember either). For those several seconds I didn’t hear anything, I just saw him kneeling, the ring in his hand and felt his hand grab mine. I burst into tears and we hugged for what felt like forever. I was nodding like a crazy person. Being a Sunday morning the square was bustling and a group of tourists clapped and whistled. Two girls asked us to replay the moment so they could take a picture. It was one of the most thrilling moments of my life. This was of course before the wedding day.

There were three things I absolutely would not compromise on when it came to our venue. I wanted the ceremony outside. I wanted the reception tented. And I wanted it to be place that required no decoration, a place that was naturally beautiful. I imagine that finding your wedding venue is similar to finding your wedding dress. You just know. You feel it. When I walked into Greenville Country Club, I knew it was the place. The expansive green field, the garden, the trees, the brick terrace; It was perfect!

For Will and I, New Orleans is our shared ground. Its where Will proposed, its where we fell in love, its where we started our relationship, and that city has seen the best and worst of us. If felt right that it should be a part of our wedding day. A French quarter garden became the inspiration for the scene. The fleur de lis seemed a natural symbol to use for invitations, seating cards, programs, gift bags. I wanted everything to make sense together, but I didn’t want it to be a theme wedding.

Will and I repeated the vows that my Mother spoke to my father on their wedding day, 29 years ago. They were exactly how Will and I felt and what we wanted to say to each other. My brother performed an original song at the reception for Will and I as our wedding gift. It was the most amazing gift I’ve ever received.

I vividly remember standing with my father waiting to walk down the aisle. I had my hand on his shoulder and he was holding my hand. It was in that moment that it actually hit me. I was getting married today.

Dress: Watters, Lasara / Ceremony and Reception Location: Greenville Country Club / Florals: Sweet Peas of Jennersville / Hair & Make Up: Claudia Seyler / Cake: Liz Marden / Entertainment: Toner Sound / Photography: mk Photography