San Francisco Fairmont Hotel Wedding Highlight Film from IQvideography
August 24, 2011
United States
Classic Weddings
Is it inappropriate to announce my love for a wedding film in such a public forum? Well, appropriateness be darned, because I am completely head over heels in love with this highlight. Captured magnificently by IQvideography, it portrays a San Francisco wedding that is so fabulous, I can't stop taking in every little detail. Like the cake. Or that amazing dress. Or the ceiling. Or the sweet little ring bearer who seems to have a love for the gown rivaling my own love for the film. The whole wedding is amazing, and you definitely don't have to take my word for it. Block out some time this afternoon to spend a few moments with this great film and you'll see what I'm raving about. And then check out IQvideography's blog for more fantastic films like this one!

San Francisco Wedding

Photography by the brilliant Jules Bianchi Photography.

San Francisco Wedding 2

So now that you've had a little taste, and you're definitely craving more, here is the highlight film from IQVideography, which we've all been waiting for.

Vy & Leonard | Fairmont San Francisco from IQvideography on Vimeo.

Let's play a little game called "What was your favorite part?" And okay, I just have to say it, how stinkin' cute is that groom? Maybe it's the big giant sap in me, but I just can't handle it when a groom tears up on his wedding day. So. Ridiculously. Adorbs. Definitely my favorite part. Just adds to the entire wedding. The entire highlight film. The entire beautiful, wonderful day. Don't forget to visit the gallery for more from Jules Bianchi Photography.

Videography: IQvideography / Photography: Jules Bianchi Photography / Venue: Fairmont Hotel / Event Coordinator: Tosca Productions / Florist: Floramor / Cake Artist: Fairmont Hotel / Music: Denon & Doyle / Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Wedding Dress: Enzoani / Hair & Makeup: Joseph Cozza

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