Santa Monica Wedding by Ashleigh Taylor Photography
August 22, 2011
DIY Inspired

Oh my gosh, I love this wedding and its theme which the bride described as art deco meets literary geek chic. Each and every photo from Ashleigh Taylor Photography reaffirms this couple's unique and adorable vision for their day. From the newspaper bouquet and bouts to crossword puzzles and library cards, this wedding is bursting from the seams with spunk and personality and that's exactly what we like to see here at SMP. Click here for the entire gallery!










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From the Bride...My husband Drew and I married at the Marion Davies Guest House in Santa Monica. We currently live in Chicago, but both grew up in Los Angeles. In fact, we met and began dating in high school in west Los Angeles, so it was only fitting we get married on the west coast! Our theme for the wedding can be described as art deco meets literary geek chic. Which is so us. We are both major nerds. We both have our areas of nerdy speciality--in college, I majored in opera and he wrote a thesis about the video game "Portal." Nerds. But one way in which our nerdiness seriously overlaps is literature. When we moved in together, finding enough shelf space for our combined book collections was a challenge. And if it weren't for an amazing Shakespeare class we took in high school, we might never be where we are now. So, it only seemed appropriate to pay homage to our shared love of books. We're also big fans of art deco style (see: our obsessions with Charlie Chaplin films, Boardwalk Empire, Gatsby et al) and our venue was built in the heyday so we went with it!

For the color palette we went with shades of blue with accents of black and white. Very simple, but also very us. Drew has the most incredible blue eyes and I *love* it when he wears blue. Our venue was beach side. Blue just seemed like a natural choice. So we just used blues of all kinds of shades of blues: sky, navy, teal, royal, dusty and anything else. It's funny though, my ring actually was the one thing that was green instead of blue. It has emeralds which are important to me because of my Colombian heritage.

As for the ceremony and reception, Drew is a writer and we're not terribly traditional in general so we knew right away that we would write our own vows. Our officiant is also an English teacher and a fabulous writer in her own right so we asked her to write the rest of the ceremony and just knew she come up with something great. She has an incredible sense of humor and we definitely wanted to keep the mood light. Neither of us are big on dancing. At all. So the idea of a dance floor was really unappealing for us. Our favorite parties are ones where you can actually talk to people and hear their responses. It was really important to us to be able to actually be able to see and talk to everyone who came and we're very proud that we succeeded at that! But we didn't want people to end up getting bored because they might have expected dancing so we tried to come up with fun things for people to do that would encourage them to get to know one another. Most of my family had never met his family and so forth. We came up with three things: 1) a fun DIY photo booth using my laptop, a decent printer, some fun props and this super easy software from  2) Two good friends brought an entire rock band setup and put up Beatles Rockband--all of our ceremony music was The Beatles and even some old timers stepped up and gave it a try!  3) We made crossword puzzles--sticking with our nerdy/literary theme--where all the answers were about the life we have together. Some answers only our high school friends would know, some only newer Chicago-based friends would know, and others would only be family. This way if people wanted to complete the puzzle they would be forced to branch out and meet new people! It totally worked! And they were great conversation starters!

Wedding Photography: Ashleigh Taylor Photography / Venue: Marion Davies Guest House at Annenberg Community Beach House / Caterer: Schaffer's Genuine Foods / Wedding Dress: Leluxe Clothing / Hair + Make-up: Talia Londoner / Wedding Cake: Emily's Custom Bakeshop / Styling: The Bride + Groom, Their Rad Parents, and Friends