The Bascom Rehearsal Dinner by Olivia Griffin Photography + Walton Event Design
August 18, 2011
Beach Weddings

Is it just me or do you want to steal every single charming detail of this Highlands rehearsal dinner for your very own?  Not just me?  Good.  Because I do believe it doesn't get any sweeter than a fishing-themed rehearsal dinner (the bride's favorite hobby), complete with gorgeous sunflower centerpieces, a cute-as-can-be cake (a fish, of course) and "live bait" desserts (gummy worms included).  All of that lovely AND stone place cards and I have a really big crush that won't be going away any time soon.  All perfectly planned by Walton Event Design and captured in amazing images by Olivia Griffin Photography, there is so much more pretty to be seen.  So join me in the gallery for even more!









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From Olivia Griffin Photography... This is definitely the most eventful rehearsal dinners I've ever photographed.  Everything was thought out by the event planner and the groom's mother, Jan.  Julie, the bride, loves to fish so the groom's mother decided to do a fishing theme for the dinner.  I thought this was very thoughtful and sweet of Jan.  Also, the groom's family is big in the golf scene.  The groom and the groom's father are actually in the PGA tour and quite successful golfers.  Because of this, the family likes to go with themes other than "golf" for big gatherings.

The rehearsal was held at the Old Edwards Inn, the Farm and then the dinner was held at the Bascom. The place settings were really unique.  Each table was identified by a rock painted with the name of a lake that Julie had fished from so the guests had to find a rock with their name painted on one side and the name of a lake on the other side.

Dinner was served "family style", which means each table received a large bowl of food for each person to take a portion. Next was desert...and this was really cool.  It was called "live bait."  Each person got a little dish of oreo crumbs with a gummy worm cute! However, what came after desert was crazy!  A brief story was told about the groom's bachelor party weekend and being out on a boat and something about minnows and before we know it, a shot glass with live minnows is being handed out to all the groomsmen!  The reaction was fantastic and it was definitely hard to watch, but everyone took down the shot. Towards the end of the evening came many wonderful and tearful toasts...such a happy and sweet occasion

Photography: Olivia Griffin Photography / Event Planner: Walton Event Design / Videography: Jeff Bradt Video / Event Location: The Bascom / Rehearsal Location: Old Edwards Inn