Mount Charleston Winter Wedding from Twin Lens
August 12, 2011
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Hat's off to all of you brides and grooms who can plan a wedding in three months or less, and make it killer fab. It always amazes me to see the detail you are able to put into something that came together so quickly. This Nevada wedding did not take place in Las Vegas, wedding capital of the world and the brides hometown, but instead just outside at Mount Charleston. And the bride and groom pulled it together in two and a half months. Yep. Ten weeks. They are crazy good. The bride is a photojournalist herself, so it was no question that she had to have some amazing talent on hand to capture the day they had worked so hard to plan - and with Twin Lens, that is just what she got. Seriously, I could go on about this wedding all day, but that wouldn't be fair to you. So check it out, then meet me in the gallery where I'm bound to still be gushing about this gorgeous affair.

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When I moved to Las Vegas five years ago, after a decade in Oregon and Montana, I joked with my friends, "Just never let me get married in Las Vegas!" As a mostly outdoor girl but a photojournalist first, I moved to the wilds of Las Vegas for a great job. To keep my wits about me I would head to the mountains or desert on my days off, and sometimes before work on Sundays. That's where I met Kirk, on a ski lift on a Sunday morning at the small ski area on Mt. Charleston, just outside Las Vegas. The romance and outdoor adventures together grew from there.

Engaged around our two-year anniversary in December of 2010, we had talked loosely about a warm water, tropical destination wedding. After weighing out the options, cost and travel time would limit who would be able to attend and we decided having all of our friends and family present was most important. That's when Mt. Charleston dawned on us. It's outside of the city, technically not IN Vegas proper, and it has special significance of where we met and spent many a great days snowboarding and getting to know one another.

I had never really thought about what I'd want for my wedding. I knew I wanted to create a day that would be aesthetically beautiful, relaxed and abundant in thoughtful, personal details, but I had no idea of the limitless creative discovery I was in for.

Photography was my first priority once we reserved the venue and date. I have known Kitty & Craig Fritz, of Twin Lens Images, through our common professional circles since before I moved to Las Vegas. As soon as they crossed my mind I knew they would be our dream pick. Luckily they were available for our short notice March wedding. Kitty and Craig and I didn't have to talk about too much. I knew their work well and had 100% confidence that they would make magic in images of our day.

It's hard to believe all the work by so many that made the weekend come to life. It was a perfect day, kissed with sunshine and the warmest day in the month and blessed by our friends and family. The best part was the memories made and shared, and to boot, now we're married!

Wedding Design & Planning: Yelena Johnson, The Stylish Soiree / Flowers: Enchanted Florist / Photography: Twin Lens / Videography: Lovespun / Ceremony Music: Phat Strad / Venue: The Resort on Mt. Charleston / Bride's Dress: Maggie Sottero / Bride's Bag: BeeGee Bags / Groom's Suit:  Stitched / Guestbook: Rag & Bone / DJ: Smiles Davis / Deserts: Red Velvet Café / Print design: Coco Paperie / Paper Printing: Mama's Sauce / Ring Pillow: Llubav Choy Duerr / Photo booth: Shutterbooth / Cake Topper: Celeste Welch / Dessert Flags: Victorian Station / Photobooth Signs: Em&N Designs