Mason Murer Art Gallery Wedding from Artstar by Laura Stone
August 11, 2011
Classic Weddings
The neutral color palette of this Atlanta art gallery totally hits the spot today. It's classic and beautiful and it lets the happy couple shine through their big day together. You can completely tell from the images Artstar by Laura Stone sent our way that the day was so special. It's so great to see a traditional wedding with a twist, centered around the most important aspects of the day - the couple, the love they share for each other, and the love they have for a few of their favorite things (Krispy Kream doughnuts, anyone?). I've fallen head over heels for this timeless affair, and I am positive you will love it too. Click here for more of this chic couple over at Artstar's blog!

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Ken and  I met through a coworker of mine who was dating a coworker of his (they are now happily married). My coworker had been trying to set us up for a year but we were both dating other people. We both ended our relationships in May and we met on a blind date on July 7th. As soon as I saw him walk across the set of windows at the restaurant, I knew this could be something good!

After nearly four months of dating, Ken proposed to me at my parents' mountain home in Cashiers, NC. Ken is a Georgia Bulldog and I’m a Florida Gator so naturally we were engaged on the Florida vs. Georgia game day! Ken had a bag of game day goodies and stopped me at a bench by the pond on the way to breakfast at the house.  He said we was worried some of his game swag might be over the top, especially in front of my parents, and wanted me to take a peek at the silly items he had bought. The first thing was a fortune cookie that I opened and said “Go Dawgs!” He apologized, saying he gave me the wrong one. As I opened the next fortune cookie, he got down on his knee - I thought it was to keep rummaging through the bag...but then the fortune read “I love you Jadideah. Will you Marry Me?”

I had been to multiple charity cocktail events at Mason Murer Art Gallery and they were able to completely redesign the gallery to cater to each event. Every party was amazing and so much fun. I loved the spaces and how uniquely the art complemented the social atmosphere. Ken and I went to a charity event that had multiple food tastings from popular Atlanta restaurants. I remember sitting with him at a small table and thinking how great would it be to have a wedding reception here!  I asked him what he thought of this place and he loved it.

The inspiration for the wedding was from a line I had written somebody about what I was looking for in a man - “I want a champagne-drinking, caviar-eating man with style, class and taste, who can also drink beer out of a can wearing shorts and flip flops while watching football at a barbeque.” So my theme was a black tie event with champagne and fine wines, tenderloin and an antipasti table combined with chili dogs, chili burgers, fries and onion rings from Atlanta’s famous Drive-In, The Varsity and Burritos from Moe’s.  A surprise visit around 10:30pm with hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, milk shakes and sliders.

The colors were all about me. I don’t like much color so white, cream and beige were pretty much it. Perfect in a white art gallery! The color was in the artwork. It was fabulous!

My most vivid memory was of course the actual ceremony and being so excited to be married to this man. But the next one was Ken on stage playing guitar and singing with the band. So amazing!

Photographer: Artstar by Laura Stone / Cinematography: Adam Siegel / Floral Designer: Eva Behrendt / Event Planner: The Whole Shebang / Event Designer: GraysonHarris /Invitation Designer: Bride, Jadideah Duckham Yarbrough / Cake: Eileen Carter / Wedding Gown Designer: Romona Keveza / Ceremony Location: Peachtree Christian Church / Reception Location: Mason Murer Art Gallery