Groomstars + Rock Paper Photo
July 30, 2011
So by now you know that Groomstars is THE go-to place when you need some super cool gifts for your groomsmen. They have everything from cuff links to iPad covers to personalized money clips, literally something for every man in your life. And now, just when we thought they couldn't get any cooler, they go ahead and link up with Rock Paper Photo to carry a line of fine art photography.

We're talking super cool limited edition prints of rock stars, signed by top-notch photogs, framed with a certificate of authenticity. What guy wouldn't want something like that hanging on the wall of their office or man cave?! They have amazing pics of all types of music legends from Johnny Cash to Jay Z, they make the perfect father of the bride or best man gift and start at only $300. So go ahead and give the gift of pop icons, the men in your life will love you for it. See all of them here!