Getting to Know Mr. Boddington + Wedding Stationery Tips
July 14, 2011
Tri State
I think it needs to be known that I have a full-on crush for all things Boddington. Mr. Boddington's Studio, that is. The quirky, fabulous, one of a kind shop - nestled in this little place called New York City - cranks out some of the coolest paper I ever did see. And for a person like myself, whose heart flutters at the site of stylish stationery, Mr. Boddington's Studio might as well be heaven on earth. When looking at weddings, some people want to see the gown the bride chooses immediately (and I do not blame them one little bit), but I go straight for the paper every time. Beeline. Never fails. So getting the chance to cozy up to one of my favs in the biz was basically like meeting my Brad Pitt (hear that Mr. Boddingon? I think you are pretty cute).

Mr. Boddington_1

What do you do, how long have you been doing it and what makes you awesome?
I am convinced that we have the most plum piece of wedding planning... stationery! This absolutely must be so because all the darling brides and grooms are giddy with visions, and chatting about them at the invitation stage. Mr. Boddington's Studio has been in love with brides for over five years now and still gets tickled when a new bride walks into the door. No two are identical.

Now thank you for using the word "awesome"... it is almost vintage, coming straight from the 80s. What makes our studio awesome is the team of artists who work there (production, designers and biscuit buyers). We think that to be creative, first one must find himself in a creative environment. Our studio is a bit like Santa's workshop... or maybe Snow White and the seven Hipsters. There are gobs of collaboration, music and chatter that keep the space spinning. From this happiness comes brilliant creative!

Mr. Boddington_3

What kind of weddings do you love the most and what is your favorite trend right now?
Mr. Boddington adores happy brides who cherish a creative experience as much as the end product. Since everything we do is hand tailored, our process is slower than molasses. We hope that our clients revel in each decision... and really step back into the old world when artisan work didn't happen in forty eight hours. As for trends, hand calligraphy reigns! So does the color charcoal but we imagine that will be gone by the time this blog is posted. I predict a return to deep forest green. Can you imagine?

Mr. Boddington_2

What is your biggest piece of advice for people planning a wedding?
Keep three bottles of Presecco in your icebox. When you start bickering with your beau about what shade of navy to dress your maids in (and by the way... why doesn't he care?!), open up the bubbly and take a moment. We suggest three bottles because inevitably there will be three spats. Weddings are over in a flash so the planning is as important as the event itself.

Mr. Boddington_4

Who are your favorite vendor friends in New York that keep your inspiration flowing?
When I have a grilled gruyere cheese from the Brooklyn Larder, I like to take twenty minutes and get lost in The Selby (online). Ideas pop up faster than I can write. And if I am feeling ambitious, I will walk on the Highline and connect with this stunning city. I wonder if NYC could get married, who he would marry? Maybe Berlin... or is she too saucy for him?

Mr. Boddington_5

See what I mean? They.are.awesome over there in the studio. Three bottles of processo and NYC marrying Berlin? Both genius. And because I couldn't resist another chance to pull some wisdom (and keep my crush working full force style), I had to get them to share their top five tips for brides, Boddington style...

Top Five Wedding Stationery Tips from Mr. Boddington

1. Go classic - you won't regret it later

Mr. Boddington_6

2. Send out a formal reply set. It will be one of the last times in your life you will receive such a marvelous rush of mail.

Mr. Boddington_7

3. Book your calligrapher with gobs of time! Afterall, they only have one set of hands.

Mr. Boddington_8

4. Pocket-size programs are a plus. That way, all your friends can save this gorgeous paper piece instead of leaving it behind in the pew!

Mr. Boddington_9

5. Frame your invitation and put in your home's library.

Mr. Boddington_10

And there you have it folks, if you don't have a serious crush on all things Boddington now, we'll have to check your heartbeat!

Stationery: Mr. Boddington's Studio / Photography: Richard Johnson