Wedding Cake Vendor Spotlight - Sweet Sweets Cake Art
July 13, 2011
North America
Well y'all, it's about lunch time in most of the country, and we've got Sweet Sweets Cake Art here to make you just a bit hungrier, make your mouth water a little more. Ida of Sweet Sweets Cake Art is a fantastic cake designer based out of Toronto. So before you head out for your mid-day meal (or maybe you're already back - in that case, prepare for a sweets run), we thought we'd share some phenomenal cakes for your wedding inspiration - or perhaps today's dessert inspiration. These cakes are such mouthwatering pieces of art, we just had to devote an entire afternoon for admiring, Pinning, loving, and drooling. Make sure you save enough time to read all Ida had to say about the thrills of cake design, before your sugar-induced coma sets in. She's really a sweetheart!

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Who is Sweet Sweets Cake Art?

Sweet Sweets is modern, edgy, contemporary, and unique!

How did you get into cake design?

Being completely honest, I had never even thought of cakes! I graduated university with several degrees in political science, sociology, and criminology. I thought I was on my way to working on my masters and was pursuing a career in International Law.  And then I met the man of my dreams, and we got married. Soon thereafter, we had children. I decided I really wanted a career which would allow me to spend as much time with my family as possible, so a family friend suggested I try cake design and the rest is history. I've always been talented artistically, so it was a good fit. I seek my inspiration from pretty much anything and everything.

What makes Sweet Sweets Cake Art unique?

Everything we create is truly one of a kind! I do not recreate any piece.  Each cake, from sketch to creation, is truly created for the individual clients and compliments, suits, fits, and enhances their personality. When creating each piece, I try to draw inspiration beyond the items in the typical “wedding box” (i.e. invitations, dress, floral bouquet) and look towards nature, the fashion world, and the art world for inspiration.

What is your favorite kind of wedding to do, and what is your favorite part of the wedding?

I absolutely love working with all my clients! But I really know I'm going to have fun when my clients say three little words to me... "We trust you.” When I hear "Do whatever you want!" my creative juices really start flowing. I’m in heaven. There is nothing more special when a client trusts you to do what you do best.  It is truly the greatest gift and honor. As an artist, when a couple does allow you the artistic freedom to create their wedding cake, I find that I create some of my best work.

I can't choose just one favorite part of the wedding. I have at least two. First, I love sketching out the cake – the reaction of my clients when they see their cake on paper is the best...many just cannot believe it and are so excited that this will be their cake.  Second, the thank you emails or pictures I receive.  They both really put things into perspective for me, and they let me appreciate the important role I play in my clients special day. I love it!

What advice do you have for brides and grooms to be?

I always tell my clients two things: no rules, and have fun.  There are NO rules when creating your wedding cake.  Anything can be done. There are no rules that say you have to follow tradition and do what you mother did. No, you don’t have to have a three-tier staggered round cake, and no, you dont have to have one flavor and, no, you dont have to have a cake topper.  The point is that it's your cake and you do not have to follow any rules.

And remember have fun! Do what you want to do and do what makes you feel happy! Be inspired to create something that is all you and made just for you! I recently created a cake that was inspired by the couples love for camping and even the smallest details like the small purple flowers had fun memories for them.

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