Local Blogs Spotlight!
July 11, 2011
To say we love the local blogs would be the understatement of the year! We love, love, love them - so much so we just may be adding a few more in the oh so near future (stay tuned!). While you are pondering which pretty state might be next to grace the pages of SMP, we thought we would give a little love to the blogs that started it all. The pioneers one might say. New York, California, Florida, Destination, and Texas - oh my! They have been filling our lives with so much lovely local inspiration I just don't know what we did without them! Let's take a little looksee at what they are up to today - starting with this STUNNER of a wedding and wedding dress on the New York blog captured by Elisabeth Millay Photography. I haven't stopped oohing and ahhing since the moment I laid my eyes on this stylish bride.

Local Blogs_1

And now let's take a little trip on over to the California Blog for this stylishly steampunk-inspired wedding shot by Brandon Kidd Photography and Modern 8 Films. How uniquely fun is this invite the bride and groom designed?! Very, very fun is the correct answer.

Local Blogs_2

And now onto the Florida Blog - the land of sunshine and oranges and apparently completely adorable weddings! Case and point - this gorgeous Gainesville wedding by Julie Cate Photography.

Local Blogs_3

The pretty doesn't stop there - oh no - we are moving onto the land of pretty otherwise known as the Destination Blog. Every single day is like a vacation and I often find myself daydreaming of beautiful travel destinations thanks to this little ol' local blog. Need an example? How about today's Puerto Vallarta wedding by Tara Swain Photography. Just gorg.

Local Blogs_4

Last, but certainly not least, let's talk about Texas. Oh how we love the weddings from that ginormous state. It just never fails that they are fabulous and stylish and traditionally elegant all at the same time. And today's wedding by Diana M. Lott Photography is the perfect example of southern style at it's very finest. Love, love, love.

Local Blogs_5

And there you have it - the Pioneers of pretty aka our local blogs! Stay tuned to see where we are launching next and feel free to leave your vote on where you want to see  SMP next in the comments below!