Orange County Wedding from Sweet Monday Photography
July 8, 2011
United States
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Cake. You had me at cake. That fabulous, fun cake on the sweet little stand. Any wedding that follows a cake so fantastic, has got to be the best. Sweet Monday Photography has impressed us over and over, and they've done it again with this California wedding. All the happy yellow compliments all the cheery smiles on the guests, bridal party, and, of course, the bride and groom. The stunning bride and groom, whose love and excitement we can't help but pick up just from spending a few minutes, or lets be honest - hours, with this great wedding. Here's a wedding that will make your Friday go by just a little bit faster, especially once you hop over to the full image gallery!

Orange County Wedding

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From the start, Anthony and I had one of those easy relationships that just seemed too good to be real.  We met working as social workers at a cancer hospital in Florida and we were engaged two years later.  Anthony proposed while we were on a family trip to Europe overlooking the Eiffel Tower on New Years Eve.  Knowing that family is incredibly important to me, he had the the ring for over six months prior to popping the question as he knew I would want my family from California to be around.  I apparently was the only person that did not know this was going to happen.

When we began planning our wedding there were certain decisions that were fairly easy.  We knew that it would be small and intimate with family and close friends, we wanted it to be outdoors and we knew we had to choose a color spectrum that Anthony could see, as he is partially color blind. We decided on the Muckenthaler Mansion in Fullerton, CA without even seeing the place. We went by pictures and my parents countless visits and sealed the deal.  We happily settled on yellow and gray as our colors as they seemed to evoke the true spirit that we were hoping to provide for our day – fun, whimsy, comfort, happy, casual. With the help of multiple vendors and countless etsy stores, our wedding eventually developed into a vintage Parisian ecclectic theme with love bird accents.

We wanted to keep the whole day as easy, personal and intimate as possible and we really felt like that was accomplished.  We added a ring warming ceremony to the beginning of our service, personalized statements and an incredible reading from a great friend.  The night eventually morphed into unplanned choregraphed dances, plenty of food, laughter and our guests walking away with lemon macarons from ‘lette macarons in Beverly Hills.  Our wedding was truly a perfect depiction of who we are as a couple and our desire to make every guest feel like family.

Photography: Sweet Monday Photography / Cinematography: Rustic Red / Flowers: Art With Nature / Ceremony Location: Muckenthaler Mansion / Reception Location: Muckenthaler Mansion / Dress: Jenny Yoo / Bridesmaids: Jenny Yoo / Cake: Colette's Catering / Hair and Makeup: Nicole Deanne / Invitations: Kim at nmicreations / Macaron Favors: Lette Macarons / Bridesmaid Necklaces: Valley Girl Designs / Brides Necklace: Victoria Camp Designs

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