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Chic Day After NYC Photo Session by Forever Photography Studio
July 8, 2011
Tri State

Before I even start the gush-fest, I must preface this post with the fact that these two lookers are in fact - real.live.people. I know, I know they look too pretty to be true and perhaps as though they stepped off the pages of some super stylish magazine, but folks this is just how they go about day to day - pretty as can be. Their love affair started in a DJ booth (a must read story below) and lead to a day after session by Forever Photography Studio, that just cannot be missed. Folks, I just don't think it gets any cuter than these two! Click here for even more!

Day After_1

Day After_2

Day After_3

Day After_4

Day After_5

Day After_6

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From the Bride...There was a small town girl and a city boy, but this journey didn’t have a midnight train and the city wasn’t Detroit.   It was the city of Manhattan and a hundred plane rides later that lead me married to the most amazing man I have ever been blessed enough to know.

I was on a media tour for work that took me to very talented talk radio for guys on SiriusXM, the Covino and Rich Show.  The interview was fun, flirty, and some question asked that left me praying my father didn’t happen upon that channel at that moment in time.  After the interview was over, a cupid named Allie, also known as my marketing director and dear friend, invited a certain show host, Rich Davis, to dinner with us later that evening.  I won’t lie, the thought of continuing the flirtatious banter and getting to see more of his smile that night gave me butterflies.   But when dinnertime came, there was no Rich Davis to be seen.  Now I’m not one to be forward, unless it is for something that I want.  And at that moment this southern girl wanted to know more about this city boy who gives false acceptances to a dinner invite.  Turning to Cupid, I asked her to relay a message to him.  And within minutes I received a text from the missing radio host.  The rest of the night we were glued to our phones exchanging texts. It didn’t stop until 5 a.m. when he had to leave for his morning radio show, the Morning Mashup, and I had to leave for my next media stop.  Later that same day, he showed up to my last appearance before I left for the airport.  Those final five minutes were the most hilariously awkward moments that left me loving his inability to be this smooth talking playboy, and his sheer cheese ball way had me hooked.

Photography: Forever Photography Studio / Bouquet: Hair Bows Wonderworld