Fourth of July Photo Shoot by Mike Colón Photographers + Visual Exposure + Richard Lam Photography
July 4, 2011
United States

Hopefully you are taking a break in between barbeques and not business emails to load up on some Fourth of July inspiration before diving into round two of burgers and dogs. Leave it to Mike Colón Photographers to provide the perfect dose of fourth of July fabulousness for your day. This gorgeous shoot, captured with the help of Visual Exposure Photography and Richard Lam Photography, is Americana done oh so right  - so wipe the watermelon off your fingers for a moment and pop on by the full gallery of images for even more!

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From Mike Colón Photographers...Growing up, the Fourth of July was one of my favorite holidays.  From sparklers, to picnics, to running barefoot in fields, to watermelon juice dripping off my chin and down my arms, my memories are deep and rich. To me July 4th is a celebration of fresh new beginnings.  And isn’t it the same thing with marriage?  This is the day that you begin a new life together; in so many ways and for so many reasons it’s a fresh start.

For Rachael and Henry it was about capturing their All-American style and making it come to life.  What better way to make this All-American couple come to life than to celebrate their love on the 4th.  We didn’t want anything to distract from Rachael and Henry so for wardrobe we kept with a neutral color palette, and decided to add our pops of color with the décor.  Red, white, blues, strawberries, blueberries, coca-cola, candied apples, and popcorn gave the finishing touches to a memorable day.

So here’s to staying up late to watch fireworks with the people you love the most, to getting your fingers dirty and your shirts stained with barbeque, to midday picnics, and most of all to love.  To new love, to old love, and to fresh new beginnings.

Photography: Mike Colón PhotographersVisual Exposure Photography + Richard Lam Photography / Stylist:  Kat Harris of Mike Colón Photographers / Hair + Makeup: Remba Productions / Floral Design & Stylist: Susanna and Mary French Buckets / Linens: Designer Specialty Linens / Pies + Desserts: Jays Catering / Models: Rachael and Henry / Bride's Attire:  Cocoe VociMadewell / Jewelry:  J.Crew / Shoes: Calvin Klein / Groom's Attire: ZaraJ.CrewGap / Paper Goods and Signs: Typologie and Co.