Wedding Floral Inspiration Vendor Round Up
June 29, 2011

I believe the saying goes something like this: April showers bring fabulous May flowers that are perfect for pretty June, July, and August Weddings. Am I right? Either way, we have a fantastic treat for you today. We've wrangled together a few of our favorite LBB Floral vendors to share just a peek of the artwork they are able to create with their little green thumbs. And get ready to be floored, because there is a bunch of remarkable floral inspiration a coming your way. Seriously, prepare your retinas for the pretty that is about to hit them.

Floral Spotlight Mimosa

Floral Spotlight Mimosa 2

First up, we've got Mimosa Flower Studio. We're totally digging the pinks, deep and pale, the yellows, so fresh, and the driftwood. Are you kidding me? That driftwood is enough to make any flora-lovin individual pick their chin off the desk and scream. Jennifer of Mimosa, whose favorite flower just so happens to be the Mimosa, sat down with us to explain just what it is that draws her to the field (pun intended).

I’ve always been knee-deep in flowers, ever since I was a little child. I would pick little bouquets of delicate lily-of-the-valley, violets and daffodils from my mother’s garden and present them to her friends when we would visit. It was a natural fit for me to be a designer. Nothing the world compares to the sheer beauty in the detailed design of a flower. It’s really breathtaking. Even after 18 years of working with flowers, I am continually in awe of the beauty that surrounds me in my work.

It’s our guiding principle to keep things as authentic as possible in terms of look, product selection and design style. Our design approach looks and feels very natural ... showcasing our deep sense of respect for a flower’s native beauty and it’s intelligent creation.

For more of Mimosa Flower Studio's killer work, click here to check out the blog.

Floral Spotlight Michael Daigon

Oh my goodness, Michael Daigian Design is oh-so-talented. Michael was literally born into the business - he's a third generation florist. After a quick jaunt in Marine Biology, he followed his true passion in life, floral design. Raise your hand if you're so glad he did! (Mine's up there) The creative use of different flowers, the crisp, clean look of that first bouquet - it's perfect. Michael shared his advice for you brides and grooms who are dealing with the floral design of your wedding now.

Plan ahead and plan wisely. Do your homework before you meet with a floral designer. Go online or scan through magazine and find what designs you like and what overall look for your wedding... is it romantic/garden, modern/edgy, rustic/loose or whimsical/theatrical? We love it when you come in for a consultation with a wedding binder - do not be ashamed of it, it doesn't mean you are a control freak it just means you know what you want and you're organized! Lastly, try to book your florist at least 4-6 months in advance, it gives us more time to really immerse ourselves in the design and research our vision.

Michael Daigian Design's website is chock-full of floral designs to make you week in the knees, and click here for more on his blog!

Floral Spotlight Fiori Flowers2

Floral Spotlight Fiori Flowers

When you've got two adorable ladies floral desgining the day away, it's going to be crazy good. Such is the case with Fiori Flowers, the collaboration of Liz and Lara. Their design falls anywhere on the floral spectrum - from casual and chic to classic and elegant to modern and contemporary. When you've got two heads working together on the flowers for your big day, you've got double the creativity, double the vision, and double the beauty. These two lovely ladies let us in on just why they have the best jobs.

What's not to love about our world? Every single day is different, every season is different, every flower arrangement for every occasion is different. It keeps us on our toes, creatively. We do love seeing new flowers come through our doors; we order fresh flowers everyday, so our stock constantly rotates, and we get to see new flowers all the time.

There are constant favorites, like peonies, orchids and roses, but there are so many types of flowers out there. We try to find the newest trends and keep our clients interested in not only new flowers, but new color combinations and textures.

Fiori Flowers has their awe-inspiring work on display over at their blog!

Floral Spotlight Beautiful Blooms 2

There is a reason Beautiful Blooms Events is one of our favorite floral geniuses. Donna, of Beautiful Blooms, likens design to art, and we totally agree. There is a real creativity, a deep sense of passion involved in floral design. You start with a flower that anyone could pick from a field, and you twist, and you wrap, and you combine, and at the end you have a fantastic, original art piece for your wedding. You know floral design is fab when someone working in the high-paced fashion world transplants to the beautiful world of blooms.

In 2001, I was working in the fashion industry for Liz Claiborne and used to travel frequently to Asia and Europe for sample purchasing and production. Having grown up in London, I still had several friends there so every time I would go to London, I'd fly over in advance and visit with friends.  One visit, my friend asked me if I wanted to attend a Floral Design workshop by well known Floral Designer Paula Pryke. I just loved it! When I got back home from my trip I started taking floral design classes at Parsons School of Design!

After living in NYC for a period of time my then husband and I moved to Bucks County and I decided to start a website and see what happened. About 6 months later I quit my job in the fashion industry and began working out of my home.

Beautiful Blooms Events has a beautiful website filled with floral inspiration, and it continues in the blog!

Floral Spotlight Painted Tulip

How romantic are the blooms from The Painted Tulip Floral and Event Design? We're totally in our own little swoon fest over here. Nicole, of The Painted Tulip, is another artist designer (aren't they all though? The work they create is just amazing art.) who fell in love with flowers while painting them. After traveling extensively around the globe, she came back fully in love with flora.

After a trip to Nietherlands, France, and Germany I was inspired by the open air markets and flower farms. At some of the smaller markets in Germany there were only sausages and flowers, which shows where their priorities were! When I came home, my priorities were the same - I stated a small flower garden for myself. It then started expanding and expanding to what we have now - one and a half acres of growing flowers from March through November.  And year round weddings!

The Painted Tulip Floral and Event Design's work can be found on their blog here!