Jose Villa + Joel Serrato E-Session by Elizabeth Messina
June 28, 2011

So what does one of the world's most talented wedding photographers do when it comes time to shoot his own engagement? Well, he hires Elizabeth Messina whose photographs can make even the bitterest of hearts crack into a huge wedding smile. This, my friends, is the e-session of Jose Villa and Joel Serrato...captured to heart-pounding-perfection by Elizabeth Messina. Three friends, three peers, three artists that inspire us to be better, to think bigger and to dream prettier. Their work has graced the pages of SMP time and time again, with each wedding more beautiful than the next. And now we get to see what happens when all of this genius collides into one perfect engagement session.

Absolutely, positively delicious. Jose and Joel have been together for more than seven lucky years. Jose proposed to Joel in Mazatlan Mexico. Joel proposed to Jose a year later in their home. They are the definition of love and to see it captured so beautifully by Elizabeth is, well, beyond comparison.

And on a personal note...I have to say a quick little something about these two men. There are few people who have helped to change the face of Style Me Pretty. Who have helped to cultivate a blog that is truly beautiful, overflowing with weddings that can make your heart stop, that can make you gasp out loud, that can inspire you in ways you never knew possible. People that we are lucky to call our friends, who support us by gifting gorgeous weddings to our readers, who share their unbelievable talents so that we can all pause for just a moment to soak up the beauty of a simple photograph or a perfect piece of cinema. Jose Villa and Joel Serrato are two of those people. Boys...we love you dearly and if this little glimpse into your lives is any indication of what's ahead, we're thinking you just might have hit the lottery.

Thank you so very much to Joel and Jose for sharing this moment with Style Me Pretty. And to Elizabeth Messina who gave us the opportunity to devour such beautiful photographs.

And thus concludes the total Jose Villa + Joel Serrato + Elizabeth Messina love fest.