Letterpress and Digital Printing by Hello!Lucky
June 25, 2011
By: Linnea

In our minds, there are but a few things as exciting as opening up that mailbox to find a thick, beautiful, Wedding Invitation just waiting to announce the upcoming event. And if it happens to be letterpress so you can run your thumb over those pretty little words, even better! Our friends Eunice and Sabrina over at Hello!Lucky share a similar obsession with the gorgeous texture of Letterpress and have taken that, along with an appreciation of Digital Printing to provide brides everywhere with options galore! Their designs make our little hearts go pitter-patter, so we just have to share a few with you. Grab a spoon for this one, because you are quite literally going to want to eat these designs up!

Hello!Lucky 1

Hello!Lucky 3

Hello!Lucky 2

Hello!Lucky believes everyone deserves great design for their invitations and paper goods so they offer a combination of luxurious letterpress along with the versatile style of digital printing. While letterpress offers that timeless, gorgeous texture that no other printing process can, digital provides the ability to use more color and add personalized guest addresses and the such. Its also a smart way to save money but not compromise design on paper items such as place cards, menus and signs. We think combining these two methods gives you the best of both worlds and since Hello!Lucky uses super-thick 100% cotton letterpress paper across the board, your guests will be left oohing and ahhing.

So make sure to check out Hello!Lucky on their snazzy website--besides wedding goodies, they also have an array of invitations, stationery, baby announcements, greeting cards and more. And if you can hardly stand to wait until August, they’ll be re-launching their website with some fancy new tools that will make it easier than ever to customize your own designs based on your style, colors and budget. How lucky for us!

Hero shot by Kelly Ishikawa and Rod Lipskind. Detail shots by Edyta Szyszlo.