San Francisco Wedding at the James Leary Flood Mansion
June 24, 2011
United States
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Brides and Grooms take note! This gorgeous, well thought out and planned to perfection - by Dream a Little Dream Events, no less - wedding started as two completely different visions. The bride wanted fairy tale, and the groom wanted hip. Somehow, they were able to meet in the middle with a fabulous San Francisco wedding which, at least in my humble opinion, rocked. With Soulflower Design Studio behind the gorgeous flora, and Matthew May Photography behind the camera, it was bound to be a stunning affair to remember. And we were not disappointed. Dream a Little Dream's blog has more, so hop over there next!

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Johnny and I go together like heart and beat. For our wedding, I envisioned a resplendent fairy tale affair, oozing with romance and grandeur. Johnny wanted a DJ in a warehouse with a taco truck. Seriously! Working together we created a San Francisco wedding that perfectly captured our dynamic - our nuptials were modernly elegant, classically beautiful, but with the perfect touch of whimsy and a fantastic 80’s band.

I wore a voluminous Vera Wang gown with more than 25 layers of French tulle. Yes, it is indeed the same gown worn by Kate Hudson in Bride Wars, but I promise I did not know this tidbit when I fell head over heels in love with it! Johnny wore a perfectly fitted and dapper Armani tuxedo - and Chucks. My bridesmaids wore Simple Silhouettes’ dresses in mocha polka dot fabric (reminiscent of Pretty Women at the horse races) that reflected the playful elegance of the evening. Our refined color palette was complemented with the baby blues, soft greens, muted yellows and ballerina pinks of floral bouquets.

Johnny and I did a grand “reveal” before the ceremony in the iconic Bank of America building, overlooking the Transamerica Pyramid, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. Johnny waited in the office of a large law firm, at the edge of a stately mahogany conference table, while I promenaded through the hallowed halls to meet my groom. Perhaps most couples wouldn’t consider a legal “war room” as the most romantic place to greet your spouse on your wedding day, but for us it was where we met, fell in love and began our lives together. Perched atop the Bank of America building and overlooking our City by the Bay, we had a beautiful moment together, a moment of reflection on how we met, where we were, and all that lay before us.

The ceremony was held in the courtyard of the Flood Mansion in Pacific Heights, where guests were greeted by the timeless music of a string quartet. Since neither Johnny nor I are religious, we had his mother, Mimi, ordained as our officiant for the occasion. Mimi tailored the ceremony to the spirit of our relationship. At one point she even chastised us for kissing three times before “the kiss.” Following the kiss, which we held at least 5 seconds longer than Emily Post would deem respectable, we practically floated down the aisle, as husband and wife, to the sound of the Beatles’ "All You Need is Love."

The reception followed in the luxurious hall of the Flood Mansion. We maximized the seating area of the beautifully ornate hallway with two long rows of Kings’ tables. Wine flowed like waterfalls and guests were offered my drink of choice - a champagne lemon drop. Following a sumptuous dinner and toasts that were anything but tame, the party moved into the ballroom where the real fête began. Johnny and I did a one-of-a-kind waltz/boogie to Can’t Help Falling in Love by UB40 and then the guests joined in for a fantastical night of 80’s dancing to the acclaimed San Francisco band Tainted Love. Guests “tweeted” all the delightful details and happenings on our real-time twitter account guestbook.

Following another glorious set of Journey, Foreigner, Blondie and the like, guests whose cups runneth over during the night were driven back to hotels in a privately rented cable car and we were whisked away in a classic limousine, two hearts, two beats, perfectly in sync.

Photography: Matthew May Photography / Flowers: Emily Dreblow, Soulflower Design Studio / Event Planning: Kathryn Kalabokes, Dream a Little Dream Events / Ceremony Location: James Leary Flood Mansion / Reception Location: James Leary Flood Mansion / Dress: Vera Wang / Tux: Armani / Bridesmaid Dresses: Simple Silhouettes / Band: Tainted Love / Ceremony Musicians: Garden Strings / Cake: Amber McKenney, Sweet on Cake / Caterer: Betty Zlatchin Catering / Lighting: Got Light? / Rentals: Hartmann Studios / Linens: La Tavola Linen