Proposal by Moetic Wedding Films + Brilliant Event Planning
June 24, 2011
Tri State

It's no secret we are saps for a good proposal over here at SMP. And I'm not going to lie, tears flow quite a bit at my abode whenever I see someone get down on bended knee. So let's just say a tear or two might have fallen when I watched this amazing proposal arranged by the groom and Brilliant Event Planning and filmed by Moetic Wedding Films. Oh it's just so good. Get your tissues out good, and there's more to come - come on back for the Wrap It Up Pretty post this afternoon to see all the pretty pictures from the proposal by Blue Daisy Weddings!

Proposal! Paul+Grace from Moetic Wedding Films on Vimeo.

From Sarah of Brilliant Event Planning...Paul contacted me because he wanted to propose to Grace in a way that was epic, memorable yet intimate. No skywriting or Times Square engagement for them - it needed to be private and personal. Since I'm known in New York City for creating dream proposals, I was ready to help.

Before I could get started on the creative side of their proposal, there were some nuts and bolts that needed to be fit into the picture.  Paul definitely wanted to get engaged in New York City on a particular Sunday afternoon because some friends were visiting from out of town and he wanted to organize a surprise engagement party after the Yes.  It had to be in the afternoon because they have a strong commitment to their church on Sunday mornings and he wanted to have a chic, sexy dinner for two immediately following the proposal.

Once I had all the criteria for the date & time nailed down, I moved into the design phase.  Having spent over an hour chatting with Paul about Grace, going over photos along with her likes and dislikes and learning about their unique love story, the biggest inspiration was the Korean dramatic TV shows that Grace was absolutely head-over-heels for. Besides the fact that she is an accomplished professional, natural athlete and a world traveler, at her core she is a true romantic.  I was also able to identify that Grace was not your "daisies and fingerpaints" kind of romantic. She is a city girl, born & raised in Korea, graduate of New York University - someone whose as fashionable as she is sweet and kind. And, her favorite color was pink.  Keeping all of those qualities in mind, I developed a concept of "Surrounded by Love."   From the moment she stepped into her proposal, I wanted Grace to feel that she had entered a world where she was completely surrounded by Paul's love....

Stay tuned for even more from this sweet proposal in this week's Wrap It Up Pretty New York!

Photography: Blue Daisy Weddings / Cinematography: Moetic Wedding Films / Flowers: Brilliant Event Planning / Proposal Planning & Design: Brilliant Event Planning / Location: SoHo Gallery for Digital Art / Stationery: Brilliant Event Planning / Chef: Chef Ashton Keefe / Graphic Design: Kayleigh Jankowski