Wedding Cakes by Ron Ben-Israel + Belathée Photography
June 23, 2011
Tri State

I am so in love with today's feature I just don't know where to start. I knew Ron Ben-Israel Cakes was the bee's knees of wedding cakes, but after getting to know him and the seriously amazing Rebecca (who proudly owns the title Operations, etc.) I have a full-on cake crush on everything they touch. The talent in this studio is something I'll never be able to understand, but I can tell you I appreciate each and every sugar flower they carefully craft each day with all my being. The cakes that come out of Ron Ben-Israel are nothing short of art, and knowing such fabulously personable people are behind that magic make them that much tastier in my eyes. And there is just so much to love about Ron Ben-Israel - from his 15 years as a professional dancer to his BFF status with Martha, I just had to jump at the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Thankfully the lovely ladies of Belathée passed along a beautiful look inside the studio and filled the full gallery with so much tastiness to help keep the eye candy coming as we get to know the cake master a little better. But it doesn't stop here, oh no - stay tuned later in the day for a recipe straight out of the Ron Ben-Israel kitchen!

Ron Ben-Israel_1

What do you do, how long have you been doing it and what makes you awesome?

I am a baker, and I produce decorated cake for special occasions. It's nice to be refereed to as a "cake designer" or even a "cake artist", but I stick to the title "baker". I've been providing my cakes for 15 years now. The business really became a reality when I built my kitchen in SoHo ten years ago.It's hard to define what keeps me apart; maybe it's the combination of obsessive details and techniques along with outrageous designs.

Ron Ben-Israel_2

What sets New York weddings apart from weddings anywhere else?

The people of New York are very style-oriented, and put a lot of effort in planning for their weddings. There is so much talent available to choose from, so every New York wedding can be very unique.

Ron Ben-Israel_3

What kind of weddings do you love the most and what is your favorite trend right now?

I really love them all - from an intimate gathering for 50, to a grand occasion for more than 500. As long as we have a strong concept and harmony with the couple, I would flip backwards to make them happy. As for trends, I've started using black as an accent on our cakes few years ago. This year it became a very strong trend. We're also seeing a return to very tall cakes, that shamelessly tower over the bride.

Ron Ben-Israel_4

What is your biggest piece of advice for people planning a wedding?

I alway suggest to be realistic about the expectations; budgets are made to be broken, of course, but only if the good will really make you happy. I always give the couple few design and pricing options, and never push them to choose one or the other.

Ron Ben-Israel_5

Who are your favorite vendor friends in New York that keep your inspiration flowing?

Oh, I love the gowns I see curated by Mark Ingram's Bridal Atelier, and also have enjoyed visiting Gabriella NY Bridal Salon for getting inspired by the newest and most creative gowns. We bring our cakes to many wonderful locations, but the New York Palace has been an continuous source of inspiration with the grandeur of the surroundings coupled with impeccable service and attention to details.

Ron Ben-Israel_6

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There is more deliciousness coming you way later this afternoon, so come on back for a bookmark-worthy recipe straight from the talented (and beautiful) kitchen of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes!

Photography: Belathée Photography / Cakes: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes