Indiana Engagement Shoot from m three studio
June 20, 2011

Rise and shine LBBers, because we've got a sweet, vintage present for you this morning! Engagement shoots are a great way to infuse your personality and maybe even a few unique ideas into your special day. This Indiana engagement shoot reminds us a little of everyone's favorite chick flick - The Notebook. And we love the shoot, from m three studio, just as much as we love us some Noah and Ally. That old, flawless red car? Simply fabulous. The typewriter, couch, globe, and suit cases? Perfect. And that adorable little black and white cat? Beyond cute. When you're ready, Oreo the cat and I are waiting for you in the gallery!

Vintage Engagement Shoot

Vintage Engagement Shoot 2

Vintage Engagement Shoot 4

Vintage Engagement Shoot 5

Vintage Engagement Shoot 3

Vintage Engagement Shoot 6

From m three studio ... A vintage themed engagement session styled entirely by the clients.  They have a true passion for antiques, and quite a lovely collection of vintage items.  We used a wonderful vintage car (on loan from a friend) and shot at the little hobby farm where they live. Everything in the shoot is from their personal collection - the sofa, the typewriter - Natalie really has a knack for finding great pieces and they enjoy surrounding themselves with such history.  Their little cat Oreo got in on the action too - entirely of his own volition.

Natalie and Anthony met while she was a hair stylist and he was a sales rep for Paul Mitchell.  Like so many couples brought together by their work, they find great joy in having a shared purpose. (That's Natalie's handiwork you see on both their looks.) Their little hobby farm in Northern Indiana is a quiet respite from their busier daytime lives in Chicago, and so we chose to shoot there - where their true selves live.  Endless fields and charming old fences and buildings were everywhere.

Photography: m three studio / Styling: Natalie Gomeztagle