Zoom Photography + Mary Kinney African Inspiration Buying Guide
June 10, 2011

We're back with more from the amazing African Wedding Inspiration we debuted this morning. Because we capital LOVED the jewelry, the fashion, and the accessories, we figured it would be fun to include a buying guide for you fashionistas who are just dying to know more about the look. And we're doing this buying guide a little different than the traditional buying guide. We thought we'd show off Lauri of Zoom Photography's absolute FAB work a little longer, since she photographed the elements of the shoot so brilliantly. And Mary Kinney of Sister | Brother Style is here with the resource list of their shoot. As always, click here for the full gallery!

Buying Guide

1. Preparing for the big day can be stressful and requires something comfortable but still chic. Try this Haute Hippie caftan from Madam Butterfly and pile on the bangles. Mix chunky with delicate like we did with this 2etn gold picture frame necklace lined in opalescent baubles and some gold and silver delicate chains by KKPW Designs.

Buying Guide 2

2. Weddings are all about being around those you love and with various events leading up to the big day, the bride must always look her best. This pale yellow chiffon strapless gown from Caren Templet does just that for our gorgeous bride. Because this wedding was anything but traditional, we added some Alexander Wang gray, pony hair fringe sandals and once again, piled on the fine and costume jewelry pieces from 2etn, Hamilton Jewelers, and KKPW Jewelry Designs.

Buying Guide 3

3. Exclusive Caren Templet chiffon white gown with ruffle sash is the perfect wedding gown for the bride that wants something elegant, but versatile enough to wear again. Cinch the dress in a wide cognac belt and add some gold citrine pendants and diamond choker necklaces from Hamilton Jewelers to accentuate its sophistication. A fishtail side braid keeps things sleek and simple. If you want to add some funk to your step, pair the dress with some combat boots or wrap-up sandals in chocolate brown, like the ones we used from Shaw Shoes.

Buying Guide 4

4. White can be a bit too traditional for some brides, which is why this custom made Caren Templet coral gown with a Tiffany blue underskirt offers a bit more style edge and defines all that is haute couture. Wrap your hair up in an elegant headscarf by Diane von Furstenberg and mix a blanket of fine jewelry like diamond choker necklaces, bold topaz cocktail rings and bamboo cuffs etched in gold from Hamilton Jewelers with costume pieces from Madam Butterfly and beaded necklaces from The Bead Fetish in every color of the rainbow. A pair of cobalt blue Yves Saint Laurent booties complete the look.

Buying Guide 5

5. Our groom was dapper in beautiful suiting by Armani and Dolce and Gabbana thanks to Julius Clothing and splashes of purple were added in his collared shirts and ties, custom made by Steve Benson & Co. Bow ties and pocket squares are definitely the name of the game in fashion right now and anything goes with color. Think bright, bold colors that show a youthful, yet sophisticated edge. Change things up with rolled sleeves and popped collars.

Buying Guide 6

6. Children should be dressed in colors that are more organic and wearable and we did just that with their custom pieces from Gracie Mae Designs. We love the cargo shorts and linen vest from Koukla Kids on our young boy and the carefree beauty of our young girl's bandeau top and floor-length tulle skirt in khaki, also from Koukla Kids. Of course, it wouldn't be a wedding without a darling fedora hat or a few (okay, a lot) baubles thrown in, all jewelry provided by 2etn and KKPW Designs.

So there it is! A beyond amazing inspiration shoot, and a buying guide to match. Hopefully you can fit a few of these flawless fashion choices into your own wedding - or engagement party - or Tuesday.