Manhattan Wedding by Robert & Kathleen Photographers
June 10, 2011
Tri State

There is more to this seriously stylish couple than just two pretty faces. Yes, the sophisticated, city-chic feel at the Gramercy Park Hotel is out of this world fabulous (hello amazing light display!), and yes the images from Robert & Kathleen Photographers are seriously breathtaking. But it's this couple's commitment to helping others (the groom happens to be the founder) that has me seriously swooning. Not only did they provide us with gorgeous wedding eye candy, they also made me aware of a great cause - you have to love that! See even more here!

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From Robert & Kathleen Photographers... New Yorkers Renee & Matt selected the classic Gramercy Park Hotel for their wedding after being drawn to it's unique decor and vast collection of art.  The ceremony & reception were held in the roof terrace - an area of the hotel filled with particularly interesting touches since it was originally the home of the hotel's architect.  The cocktail hour was held in the Rose Bar - a popular weekend spot that was reserved solely for Renee & Matt's guests that evening.

Matt lived in Africa as a boy, attended high school in London and somehow ended up selecting St. Louis, Missouri when it came time to pick a college. From all his travels around the world, it would be in Missouri that Matt would find a girl from Connecticut. Renee caught his eye during the three years they shared the campus at Washington University, yet they never really got to know one another. Even though Renee does say that she definitely noticed Matt back then as well, they wouldn't connect until years later.

Both committed to helping others, it was their shared interest in helping the people of Rwanda that finally brought them together. After law school, Matt started a nonprofit called Indego Africa, an organization that partners women artisans in Rwanda with high-end retailers and returning all of the profits back to Rwanda in order to help bring an end to poverty in the region. (It's an incredibly worthwhile cause and the products are amazing, you can check out the online store here). Renee, pursuing a career in clinical psychology, had a research trip planned to Rwanda when a mutual friend suggested she get in touch with Matt since he knew quite a bit about the region. She was more than happy to go along with the suggestion. They chatted on the phone for a bit and eventually an official date was made. It was at a bar in D.C., they not only noticed one another once again but finally got to talk in person. The spark between them was clear right away.

For a couple always seeking to make the world a better place, they did that night. Just by finding one another.

Wedding Photography: Robert & Kathleen Photographers / Wedding Ceremony & Reception Location: Gramercy Park Hotel / Bridal Gown: Christos / Favors: Indego Africa (Handmade Gifts from Women in Rwanda)