Salt Lake City Wedding by Blush Photography
June 8, 2011
DIY Inspired

This next wedding is for all you DIY brides and anyone who wants to incorporate a little vintage feel into their nuptial day bliss. This crafty bride managed to do all the decor for the reception AND somehow found the time to design and sew her nieces, aka the cutest flower girls ever, their very own couture dresses for the big day. I love it! And there to capture all the craftiness was none other than Blush Photography. Join me in the gallery for even more!





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My whole life I have been dreaming of my wedding day. What kind of wedding would I have? Big and fancy or a small get together with just close friends and family, outside or an inside? Also who I was going to marry? Was it going to be love at first sight or was it going to be an old friend? I’m very much a hopeless romantic so these thoughts were always in the back of my mind. I remember thinking I was going to wait a while to get married, I wanted to travel and live life before I settled down with just one person. But as many people know life doesn’t always go according to plan. When I was just 19 I met Derrik and it was love at first sight. From the moment I met him I knew we would be married. And a few years later it happened. Since meeting Derrik and knowing our wedding day was just a matter of time, I started searching the Internet and reading through bridal magazines. I changed the theme and feel of the wedding too many times to count. But once we decided to have our reception in Derriks father’s backyard everything fell into place. We got married in the middle of summer but the weather couldn’t have been better. We were married in the morning in the Salt Lake Temple. It was so amazing to be surrounded by our closest family and friends for our wedding. After the wedding we were able to take lots of pictures with all our loved ones on the temple grounds. Then we headed over to The Lion House for lunch. Our reception was held that evening in the small town of Liberty, Utah, at my in-laws. It was the perfect setting for the relaxed reception we had visioned. With the big willow trees, natural pond and mountains as a backdrop we couldn’t have asked for anything better. As the sun set we danced and had such a wonderful time with all those that made that day amazing. Having a mom and two sisters who are very crafty we were able to incorporate many DIY  projects for the reception. (We even designed and sewed the flower girl dresses for my nieces ourselves.) For our decorations we wanted it to be vintage and classy, yet relaxed. So for the table settings we had decided to have them all be a little different. We found all different frames to hold pictures of Derrik and I over the last few years with gorgeous flowers for centerpieces. My dad is quite the handy man and has collected old windows and doors for as long as I can remember. So we used these as accents throughout the yard, as picture frames or just as fun backdrops. Since we had an outdoor wedding we really wanted to keep the decorations simple and let the natural beauty really be the focus.

Photography: Blush Photography / Flowers: Tiffany Rawson / Dress: The Perfect Dress / Videographer: JD Julander / Music: iPod / Bridesmaid Dresses: Charlotte Russe / Flower Girl Dresses: Bride and Family / Ring Bearer: Gap