Bow Tie Round-up from XOELLE
June 8, 2011

Bow ties are having a moment right now and I couldn't be more thrilled.  These adorable accessories aren't just for the ring bearers anymore either.  I love to see a groom get a little daring and don some funky neck wear.  Why should the bride have all the fun with her outfit?  A bow tie is quite versatile and can work with any wedding style.  It can be sophisticated and dapper as we saw in this elegant New Haven affair.  It can be quirky and whimsical like in the Wizard of Oz-inspired photo shoot.  And, of course, it can be totally dreamy and romantic like this amazing Brooklyn bridal shoot over on the New York Weddings blog!  It doesn't even need to be worn on a neck but can be used as decor as well like we saw in this adorable no-sew bow tie DIY project!  I got in touch with one of my favorite bow tie creators, XOELLE, who just happens to live in destination wedding heaven - Honolulu, Hawaii.  She shared with us a few of her favorite neck accessories and some tips on planning a wedding away from home.

XOELLE Bow ties

What do you do, how long have you been doing it and what makes you awesome?

I make bow ties out of vintage neckties and second-hand clothing.  They are sentimental, fun, and totally rad- just like the story of how I sarted making them.  It goes like this: I started collecting vintage neckties in high school that I planned to gift to my future husband.  When I did meet Mr. Right he was wearing a bow tie, which is what motivated my "yes" response to his first date request.  After we were married I converted the whole lot of neckties to bow ties and have been happily churning them out in my little online shop for 3 years, almost the same amount of time that we've been married.

What sets Hawaii weddings apart from weddings anywhere else?

There is no place in the world like Hawaii.  It is magical.  The locale is enough to make Hawaii the perfect place to get married- the beaches are lovely, the breezes and the flowers are divine, and the people are so happy to share the island with newlyweds!


XOELLE Bow ties II

What kind of weddings do you love the most and what is your favorite trend right now?

I love handmade weddings- the ones where the bride's sister made the cake, her cousin did the flowers, and her and her bridesmaids stayed up late making all of the placecards for the table.  I love weddings that are outdoors and are first and foremost celebrations.  I love when the couple really takes the time to make the event meaningful for their guests and family.  This list could be really long because I just flat-out love weddings.  My favorite trend has to be all of the vintage elements and mixing and matching that is going on- like letting bridesmaids wear a dress they choose in a cohesive palette, serving the guests their wedding cake on an assortment is vintage china, and mixing florals and stripes and polka dots in the decor (I am not big on matchy-matchy in most cases).  And, of course, the resurgance of bow ties as something fresh and fun, even for casual weddings.

What is your biggest piece of advice for people planning a wedding?

Delegate.  When I got married a wanted to make everything (and I mean everything- tableclothes, photo booth, wedding dress, garlands, invitations, centerpieces, the band's playlist...) because I was worried that someone else would get a detail wrong- but it meant that I didn't get to everything and some of the most important pieces were completely left out.  Our families and friends are capable and they are usually just waiting for the opportunity to be a part of our once-in-a-lifetime day.  Delegate the list to the capable hands of the trusted people in your circle!



Guys, if you're having a little trouble tying the knot check out this great resource on how to tie a bow tie!  And, girls, bow ties don't have to be just for the boys anymore!  Forage has an amazing new summer collection of bow ties just for the ladies!

Bow ties: XOELLE