A Perfect Proposal
June 7, 2011
Tri State

You would think that after four years of blogging about one romantic love story after another, I would be a bit desensitized to all of the mushy stuff. That I might just watch something like this next little gem and not shed a single tear. WRONG. Totally wrong. I sat here like a baby, bawling my eyes out, grinning from ear to ear, clutching my hands together in total glee. It's a proposal story that the holy-cow-fabulous McKenzie Miller of McKenzie Miller Films sent our way and it has single-handedly turned my not so great day, into total happiness. It's a last minute addition to today's line-up but one that you really can't miss...one that I simply HAD to share.

I am a wedding cinematographer in New York City and last month I had the opportunity to be a part of the most fun and exciting wedding proposal in Grand Central Station. Todd (the proposer) contacted me about a week before it was to take place to see if I would be interested in sneakily filming him proposing to his girlfriend in Grand Central during rush hour. Todd works in Connecticut every day and therefore always comes through Grand Central. Griffin often meets him there after work to go to dinner or wherever, so Grand Central has a special place in their hearts. I had never met Griffin before so all I had to recognize her by were the few photos Todd sent to me. After a few secret meetings with Todd to finalize details, the big day arrived and it was so much fun! Todd was scheduled to be in Grand Central at the height of rush hour when thousands of people are making their way through the terminal. He told Griffin he had received really good news at work that day and wanted to go out and celebrate. Since she met him there so often, she didn't think anything of it. Todd's plan for the proposal was to have 11 strangers on his train hand Griffin 11 white roses. Once that was done, he emerged with the 12th rose and proposed. Everything went off without a hitch and as you can see from the video, Griffin was totally surprised!


Thank you, McKenzie...and the adorable proposer...for brightening my day to no end.