Circus Theme Engagement Shoot from Carla Ten Eyck
June 1, 2011
New England

Grab your red nose, big shoes, and water shooting pistol, because we're going to the circus! This engagement shoot was just SO cute, we couldn't resist sharing a little with our favorite wedding-consumed people. Carla Ten Eyck shot this so fun it could be illegal shoot, and she wanted to somersault into this adorable couple's story a bit. Yes, the groom-to-be is a real life trapeze artist. I definitely think our cool-meter just went off the charts. This couple is literally jumping for joy over their upcoming nuptials, and, you guessed it, we've got more here!

Libby and Michael

Beauty courtesy of the wonderful Dana Bartone.

Libby and Michael 2

Libby and Michael 3

Libby and Michael 4

Libby and Michael 6

Libby and Michael 5

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Michael and I met while working at ClubMed, an all inclusive resort, in Florida.  I had been working there for almost a year when Michael arrived from California.  We met and right away I knew he was the man of my dreams, I just had to prove it to him. After three solid months of long nights chatting, we had our first kiss.

Dating in a resort setting is a bit different from the outside world as you are together all-the-time.  Living in co-ed dorms and eating three meals a day together, is like living with someone right away.  Michael was working at the Trapeze at the resort and I was running the Child Care program, then moved to being in charge of sports like sailing, fitness, rollerblading, archery, and all the silly games around the pool.

After a year I got sent to Turkey as a sailing instructor, and only lasted about a month without my best friend.  At that moment I knew I was done for and headed home, leaving my job with the resort.  Michael was going to work Circus at a summer camp in Maine and I went along.

We road tripped around the country four times after that, camping one night and going out in Las Vegas the next.  It was awesome but we finally needed to settle.  After about  year of moving, we settled in Connecticut where on November 5th, I arrived home to a blazing fire in the fire pit and a margarita.  Michael proposed at the camp fire with the ring in a tissue and our dog running around crazy.  It was perfect and very us!  I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and can't wait for more adventures together!

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck for Carla Ten Eyck Photography / Beauty: Dana Bartone