New Haven Wedding by Robert and Kathleen
May 31, 2011

This couple is gorgeous and glam and all sorts of amazing I tell ya.  And they didn't let a little rain ruin their big day. No siree. Instead they snatched up some super cute umbrellas and just rolled with it. The end result is an elegant, charming, and romantic wedding...and the fact that it was captured by Robert and Kathleen? Well, that just makes us even more in love with it! For all the rainy day details, head over to the gallery!










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From Robert & Kathleen Photography: I could try to put into words the magic that is Danielle and David, but I know I never could. Not like they could, anyway. Both award-winning journalists, Danielle Submi and David had all of their friends and family in tears this past Saturday as they listened to the outpouring of raw emotion and expression of unconditional love that was their hand-written vows. Nearly two full pages each, they each relied on the tools that had always been their strength, words, to try to explain just how important they were to one another. They promised to do the big things, like help each other pursue their dreams and someday create a family. But they didn't forget the little things, like making sure they always spend Saturday mornings on the couch watching movies and take walks arm-in-arm around their neighborhood. When they were done there wasn't a dry eye in the room or a doubt that these two would still be just as crazy about each other fifty years down the road.

So I won't attempt to tell you about how Danielle and David feel about one another. It's as clear as the smile on her face when she looks at him and the look of pride in his eyes as he takes her hand. Instead, I will tell you about how they met. For seven years they lived in the same city. Each of them had come to New York to pursue the same career, David coming from the midwest and Danielle from the east coast. And, in spite of even being in the same neighborhoods from time to time, their paths never seemed to cross before. But three years and three weeks ago, the timing was exactly right. Danielle was hesitant when she walked into the bar in Brooklyn that night to meet David in person for the first time. But when she spotted him across the room, sitting at a table with a glass of bourbon and a magazine in his hand, she felt the hesitation wash away. When he looked up and saw her smile lighting up the room, he knew without a doubt that this first date was going to be different.

They talked and laughed that whole night long, and according to each of them they haven't stopped since. Which is easy to believe when you see them together. They have a natural chemistry, a complete easiness about them that makes it clear that there is no where else they would rather be than next to one another. In fact, that was one of the first things they talked about the morning of their wedding. Right after they saw each other for the first time that day, once they had finished gushing about how amazing the other looked, they talked about how many hours they had been apart. From that moment on, they were never more than a few feet away from each other all day. Hand-in-hand nearly the whole night, Danielle with a huge smile on her face and David looking like he just won the lottery. And in a way they both had. Because you don't get much luckier than finding that one person that you are clearly meant to be with. And there's no doubt that Danielle and David were destined to be together. It's clear when you look at their faces, and unmistakable when you listen to the words they say to one another.

Photography: Robert & Kathleen Photographers / Bridal Gown: Jim Hjelm / Bridal Shoes: Kate Spade / Flowers: Fluer De Lys Floral / Ceremony and Reception Location: The New Haven Lawn Club / Getting Ready: The Study at Yale / Make-Up: D.D. Nickel / Hair: Bride's Best Friend Tara Muldoon from Paradise Salon & Spa / Cake: J Cakes / Band: Swingadelic