Numana Wedding by Cinzia Bruschini
May 30, 2011

Hello lovelies! For those of you in the states, we hope you are all thoroughly enjoying the holiday weekend. For those of you that don't have today off, have no fear! We are here and geared up with all things pretty. Take for instance, this colorful and simply stunning Numana wedding by Cinzia Bruschini - it is seriously a vacation in itself. The colors are l-it-er-ally popping off of this page. And how can you not love that?  Go ahead and make your Monday colorful and spends some time in the full gallery of images!










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From Cinzia Bruschini.... Federica is an interior designer and obviously has dealt to every detail of her wedding.  Step by step she realized what it was creating a natural source of his childhood, a picture of her where she was a girl in a red dress, mom in pink and behind a fiat 500 father's bright red color, and the old storybooks filled with red purple fuchsia and orange.

Everything comes from a little man with a mustache and a theater of "fin de siecle" designed by Federica and transported to a magical reality, three-dimensional full color. From the tone of the theater born of the show in all colors from the flowers, vases, candles, tin cans painted, painted wood candlesticks and turquoise ribbons. Up to the rice and confetti! The green, pink and orange are the last stop. For the flowers have been chosen an August flower: the dahlia, one of the favorite flowers of the Federica's flower designer, a very valuable contributor about the wedding, green hydrangeas (randomly placed in old cans of tomatoes) and Panicum, the vegetables in puff green body by the compositions.

The tables are set with colored satin, with marshmallows for the children's table, baskets of wood and strips of jute. Baby blue plaid were prepared for the cool of the evening by the pool.  The toast was made in coloured paper cups, while silent films at the end of  '800 were shown in the white wall near the bride & groom table.

Wedding Photography: Cinzia Bruschini / Flowers: Sabrina Spinzanti of Pane e Tulipani / Event Design: Federica Vignoni, The Bride / Wedding Ceremony & Reception Location: Le Azalee Villataunus / Bride's Shoes: LoriBlu / Bride's Dress: Le Spose di Giò / Stationery: Manuele Baldoni + Federica Vignoni, The Bride / Music: Sandro Dall'Omo Jazz Quartet + MISS T. & THE GROOVE BAND (The Groom's Band)