Wedding Invitations by Andi Mans Photography & Design
May 26, 2011

When Orlando designer and photographer Andi Mans sent me over a sneak peek of her adorable wedding invitation collection I thought it would the perfect opportunity to find out more about what makes Florida weddings so awesome.  Andi was sweet enough to indulge me with a little Q + A action but first let's talk about these totally rad paper goods!  I love all the little details tucked into each and every invite and each ones playful personality.  Plus all the invitations are printed on recycled paper (yay)!  You can see the entire collection here!

Wedding Invitations I

What do you do, how long have you been doing it and what makes you awesome?

I am a photographer and a designer, hmm what makes me awesome is that I dream, create and strive on unique and custom touches to my projects reflecting life, love and joy!

What sets Florida weddings apart from weddings anywhere else?

Florida weddings have a sense of rustic feel to them. I think there is so much old history here in our state that can be shown in photos, natural decor of our springs, woods and organic Florida terrain. Being that we are so used to be outside as Floridian, we have a sudden natural love for the outdoors, which leads to high interest in vintage and nature for us creative lovers.

Wedding Invitations IV

What kind of weddings do you love the most and what is your favorite trend right now?

I love weddings that are completely custom made, from print design, decor, to floral arrangements. Thinking outside the box is definitely the trend right now, not so much formal and typical but elements of the past mixing with loves of the current. I love the mixes of chic/vintage and retro/boho that is going on right now. Everything is so GREEN!

What is your biggest piece of advice for people planning a wedding?

Take a moment and write down words on what describes you and as a couple, from colors that may pop in your head to places you have visited and hobbies. This will help you form your "theme" and will also completely reflect who you are and not a fabricated "vision" that another stranger may come up for you. The key is to be yourself and don't freak out, keep a notebook with all your contacts, make a list, and mark one off as you go. Remember, this is your big day, let's make it fun.

Wedding Invitations III

Who are your favorite vendor friends in Florida that keep your inspiration flowing?

I read a lot of the local magazines for style and trends. From Orlando Style, Orlando Home and Leisure to keep up with local spots and trendy happenings.

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More from Andi Mans Photography & Design... I'm so very excited to launch some of my custom designed wedding invitations! I would describe my invites as whimsical, rustic and totally unique. These invites can be be sent design only or ordered with envelopes, as well. We print the 5x7 invites all on recycled paper, making our invites green friendly.  All invites can be edited to your wedding information. Not only can you choose from these designs but I can also custom design an invite made only for you! Please be sure to contact me if you have any questions.

Photography & Invitation Design: Andi Mans Photography & Design