Mallorca Wedding by Nadia Meli
May 25, 2011
Beach Weddings

I really, really needed this wedding today.  It's like a breath of fresh air, so perfectly sweet and serene.  And it's not just the details, though they are delightful. It's the blissful look on the faces of the bride and groom, the breezy beaches of Mallorca, Spain and the soft, dreamy photographs by Nadia Meli.  Of course, everything is made even that much more magical because it was all created and prepared by friends, family and loved ones.  Take a little getaway to this majestic destination wedding and chill out for the rest of the day in the full gallery!

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From the Bride... From the very first moments of our relationship we dreamed of a destination wedding on a beach. Independent from each other it was a dream we both had. And when we got engaged, it was clear that we would search for a way to realize our dream.The most important thing to us was that it should be a relaxed wedding. We didn't want a big and loud wedding, we wanted more of a family party with people who are important to us, who we love and feel familiar with.

When we started to plan the wedding my husband started to look for a wedding planner somewhere on an island. We found Mallorca in Spain and immediately knew this was the right place for us. Then we got in contact with the wedding planner Petra Emmerich of Mallorca Promotion, who helped us find a location, a restaurant and an agency who provided the chairs for the ceremony. We wanted  a restaurant that was close to the beach, so that we could be by the sea for the whole day. Mrs. Emmerich found a bay called Cala Romantica on the eastern side of Mallorca. There is a small beach restaurant there, the Bella Romantica. It was perfect because everything was at the same spot. A few months before the wedding we flew to Mallorca to have a look at the place and talk with the restaurant owner. We were thrilled how perfect everything fit into our initial plans.

I really felt that the day was perfect, just how I wanted it to be all along. Lots of things were made by family or friends. My friend did my hair and my sister and mother in law put up the decorations that I had made on my own over the last year. The aunts of my husband picked wildflowers the same wedding morning, my cousin and friends made some flower bouquets in old brass vases I collected in flea markets in Germany.  My mother and sister dressed me, my brother-in-law and my brother made the music during the ceremony with a bongo and a ukulele. Our pastor, who is a friend, married us. My best friend, who happens to be a great photographer, took these beautiful pictures. My nephews played on the beach or took pictures with cameras we put out on each table. I just loved being surrounded by people who were relaxed and were enjoying themselves.

A very touching moment was when I was finally dressed and all ready and my mom kissed me and looked at me and told me how beautiful I was. Also, when we bowed down on the ceremony and our pastor held his hands over us and prayed for us. It was very important for me to be blessed by God, who gave us this unforgettable day as a present. And, of course, when I sang a song for my husband from the musical "Tarzan" – that really moved me and I loved his reaction.

The perfect ending to this perfect day was when we all danced together into the night. We all just had fun together and everyone was jumping and singing along and laughing. Late at night we drove off to our honeymoon residence, with our hearts full of memories and joy and gratefulness. Everything was just like we dreamed and imagined it before.

Wedding Photography: Nadia Meli / Wedding Planner: Petra Emmerich of Mallorca Promotion / Wedding Ring Designer: Nina Buchmann / Wedding Dress: Atelier Aimee / Bride's Shoes: Lola Cruz / Bride's Jewelry: Crystal Treasure Box / Hair: Friend of the Bride / Makeup: The Bride / Wedding Ceremony Location: Cala Romantica, Mallorca / Wedding Reception Location: Bella Romantica, Mallorca / Groom’s Attire: Body Gear + Anson's / Flowers: Friends of the Bride + Cousin of the Bride