Buying Guide: The Moorings Village Photo Shoot by KT Merry
May 24, 2011

You spoke, we listened. We totally get it that inspirational shoots aren't always the best wedding blueprints, so we're taking it upon ourselves to offer some easy to translate tips for today's KT Merry Islmorada wedding shoot. We opted for cost effective alternatives to some of the items used and we are totally loving the result. It's this mish-mash of elegance, organic style and totally chic details. And whether it's set next to a beach or in a gorgeous ballroom, we're thinking that the end result will be stunning.

florida buying guide

Okay, so let's get started. Before we dive into the deets, we wanted to show you the color palette that was derived from the photoshoot. And we're pretty convinced that this is going to be THE color palette of the season. Corals, salmons, blushy pinks and peaches. The soft, muted blue is brought in from the ocean and grounded with two different hues of slate. And it's rounded out with a touch of silver found in those gorgeous lanterns. Beyond, right? Next up, the details.

1.  A stunning BHLDN gown. Okay so this isn't exactly inexpensive but it does happen to be perfection. And it fits our style story like a well worn glove. I heart the romantic, totally timeless silhouette with the black belt that takes the chic up a notch. It's beyond.

2. Driftwood Details. We found these beauties at Jamali Garden and they are super cheap so buy quite a few. Then tuck your piece in between floral arrangements.

3. A cute black and white bow tie. Although we love the graphic print tie featured in the photoshoot, we couldn't resist the cool factor of this one by Carrot & Gibbs at Nordstrom.

4. A stunning coral bridesmaids dress. And this just happens to be 50 bones which will make your maids even more thrilled with the pic. If the plunging neckline is too much, I would simply pin the two sides a bit so that the cutout is smaller. Or stitch in a pretty fabric in a coordinating hue.

5. Protea Pin Cushions. Who knew that's what those awesome stems were called. And they come in the most shockingly gorgeous shade of red that, when paired with coral peonies, is like a dream come true. They add texture and dimension and a little bit of cool to an otherwise girly style. We found these at

6. Rhinestone bracelets, layered to really make an impact. Found here, here and here. LOOOOVE.

7. Perfect salmon hued peonies, opened.

8. Silver lanterns are a must for this look. They add that beach chic vibe and will keep your candles from blowing away. Love these that we found on Amazon though IKEA stocks quite a few that are also fab and are easy on the wallet.

9. Gray linens. Rented or purchased and sewed, this shade of gray would look gorgeous next to all of the corals. Love, love, love.

10. Simple crystal earrings. We found these babies at H & M and the best part is that you get another pair included in the dirt cheap price of $5.95.

11. Case in point, a gorgeous drop crystal necklace by M. Flynn.

See what we mean? When we put swoon worthy shoots up on SMP, the idea is that you can break it down and translate that inspiration into a real life wedding. Instead of seeing a lone table on the beach, look at the textures, the color palettes, the items that make up that look. By breaking it down into parts, you can really start to see how practical even the most surreal inspiration shoots can be!


So. After all of this wedding goodness, we couldn't resist sharing a stunning honeymoon inspired shoot that KT sent our way. Coming up in just a few!