Connecticut Barn Wedding by Robert and Kathleen Photographers
May 18, 2011
New England

This next wedding is quintessential New England. From the chalkboard menu to the candy coated apples, it's also a DIY goldmine! This cute couple was certainly not afraid to get their hands dirty and also made the table markers and arranged the flowers. Photographed beautifully by Robert and Kathleen Photographers, this wedding is fun, fresh, and simple and in the great words of McDonald's advertising, "I'm loving it!" For more simple sweetness, head over to the gallery!





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From Robert and Kathleen Photographers: Melissa and Jason had a perfect DIY rustic New England wedding featuring super easy, do-it-yourself table "cards" (bell jars painted with chalkboard paint), hand-picked floral arrangements strewn around the reception, and hand-written chalkboard menu sign, candy-coated apples, acorns and a white birch wedding cake.  Their deep purple color scheme was a nice change of pace from the typical rust colored Fall wedding themes. The bride even surprised the groom with his favorite car (a bright red Ferrari), his to drive for the entire wedding day.

There are some decisions in life that you agonize over for months. They're usually the biggies - where to live, what kind of house to buy, where to go to school. They are life changing choices that can shape the course of your life. The ones that when you see so many options spread out before you it's difficult to know which one is best.

Then there are decisions you think about for days. The smaller stuff. What outfit to wear to that special event, what color to paint a room, where to go on vacation. The kind of decisions that even as you make them, as you see the paint go up on the wall, you might thing to yourself, did I chose the right one? And there are the decisions that you think about for a few minutes, like going back and forth between two options on a menu or which gift to get for your friend. The kind of decision when you thought you knew what you wanted, but another option catches your eye last minute and makes you question your initial decision.

But sometimes there are the big decisions that you don't even have to think about for a second. The ones that you don't even have to hesitate before you answer. The rare life changing choices in which seeing other options actually reinforces your confidence in your decision. The kind of decision that even as you make it, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are, in fact, making the right choice. Because you know it in your heart. You feel it in your gut. And your head is telling you to answer as quickly as possible because moments like these are rare and when they're in front of you, you have to act on them right away.

That's exactly the kind of decision it was for Jason when he asked Melissa to marry him. His friend asked him later if he was nervous when he proposed. Not at all, he answered. There was no reason to be. Because he knew this was the easiest, the smartest, decision he had ever made. Melissa makes him happier than he has ever been before and he knew she was the only woman in the world for him. Thankfully, it was very much the same for Melissa. No sooner had Jason gotten the words out of his mouth and she said yes. Because she knew it in her heart. And sometimes, that's the only decision maker you really need.

Photography: Robert and Kathleen Photographers / Make-up: Christina from Naomi Martinez Salon / Gown: Martina Liana / Caterer: Pavilion Catering / Cake: Cakes Unlimited / DJ: Sylvester Samuels from Atmosphere Productions / Ceremony Location: Catholic Church of St. Mark the Evangelist / Venue: The Barns at Wesleyan Hills