Charleston Wedding by Virgil Bunao
May 18, 2011

We have seven L to the ovely weddings just for you dear readers – all unique, all filled with steal-worthy bits and headed your way on this fine Wedding Wednesday. And these images are but a snippet to whet your appetite. There is a whole gallery behind each and every pretty wedding so be sure to stop by and indulge in a bit of perusing.

Virgil Bunao photographed this sweet Southern affair and it is setting the bar through the roof. It has classic, gorgeous style for days without being too stuffy or overdone; more like a really beautiful backyard soiree. As Goldilocks would's jussssttttt right. Take a bite out of more of this Charleston wedding in the gallery.

Charleston Wedding

Charleston Wedding 1

Charleston Wedding 2

Charleston Wedding 3

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From the Bride... When reflecting on how I envisioned my wedding day, I thought of the white dress, the flowers, and the band.  Now, after seeing photographs of my March 5th wedding at Lowndes Grove, it was a day full of so much more.  The material "things" faded into the backdrop of a low country landscape balanced in perfect harmony with our closest friends and family.  This was a celebration of love in all its incredible and many forms.  By design, this wedding came directly from our hearts.

With all the love featured in this wedding, the greatest is that of family and friends surrounding us.  My grandfather joyously read scripture during the ceremony, our cousin-in-law performed the marriage, and a dear family friend, who watched me grow up, traveled to arrange the most beautiful and perfect floral arrangements at Lowndes Grove.  Anyone could see the outpouring of love from my "second family" in Atlanta.  Maggie and Lisette stood by my side as Junior Bridesmaids, tickled to be a part of such a memorable event, and Charlie, their brother, helped me rock out to the tunes played by the band.  From the energy on the dance floor to the sparklers during our getaway, Jeremy and I felt the presence of our family and friends.  These people gave us love and honored the love that we had committed to each other.

Love of the past extended into our wedding planning.  I incorporated heirloom touches in my attire:  my bouquet holding a handkerchief from my maternal great-grandmother, a pearl stickpin from my paternal great-grandmother, my veil from my beloved sister, and a mink stole from my paternal grandmother.  A decorative touch reminded us of our values in marriage—we showcased our two sets of parents with their very own wedding photographs—both happily married for almost 38 years.  Jeremy and I cannot wait to add our wedding pictures to a collection of which we are so proud.

Beyond the glow of lanterns and moonlight of Charleston, one could easily notice our individual love of favorite destinations.  The low country provided our "Transfer of Grace," a book title appropriately named for its black and white images of Charleston.  I gave this book to Jeremy as a wedding gift, and now, after guests signed it with heartfelt messages, we have a gorgeous keepsake of our wedding night.  My love of everything British was evident in the retro London taxi used as our getaway car.  The beautiful English spring garden flowers bloomed all around us, and the beautiful interiors of Lowndes Grove could have come straight from an English manor house.  Jeremy pledged allegiance to his new Texas roots as he heard Robert Earl Keen and Cory Morrow in the play list.  Even closer to home, though, was his idyllic setting along the Ashley River.  A Florida boy, the pier and hum of twilight on the water sealed his idea of perfection.  All of the dreams came true.

As my mom wrote, “Your wedding was not the biggest or the grandest, but it may have been the most loving--it was truly a celebration of the two of you, and as I look at these photos over and over again, I see the love apparent everywhere!”  This, my friends, is what I call true love.

Wedding Photography: Virgil Bunao / Wedding Planner: Sara Hosch of Southern Protocol / Wedding Cake: Chef Susie Ieronemo of Fish Restaurant / Catering: Fish Restaurant / Band: Skate Rink Jukebox / Wedding Gown: Jenny Lee via Kelly’s Closet / Florist: Benny Campbell / Favors: Southern Sisters Bakery / Wedding Musicians: Charleston Virtuosi / Bridesmaid Dresses: LulaKate / Wedding Venue: Lowndes Grove