World's Best Wedding Photographers by American Photo + A GIVEAWAY!
May 16, 2011

I know that we generally flood SMP with one gorgeous real wedding after another, but if you look a little closer, we also saturate our site with some of the most beautiful wedding photographs in the world. Literally. Of American Photo Magazines Top Ten Photographers in the World for 2011, four of them are a part of our Little Black Book. And an additional eight have been past recipients of the ridiculously huge honor. So we thought we'd take a moment to show you what it takes to be gifted this title. Brace yourselves though, this collection of wedding photographs is by far the most gorgeous you will ever lay eyes on.

And it all starts with the ridiculously talented Marcus Bell.  Whose photographs are so entirely captivating, they are more akin to fine art, to something you might see in the most beautifully curated gallery. They are sometimes dark and full of mystery, they are often times overflowing with romance and they are always as beautiful as you could possibly imagine. Click here to see even more images and here to see our favorite wedding of Marcus's on SMP.

marcus bell wedding photographer

Above Photo: Marcus Bell

Our Labor of Love, a 2011 Top Ten winner, is an old SMP favorite. We've featured their weddings a million times on Style Me Pretty because frankly, we've never seen a single one that didn't make us fall in love. Jesse and Whit's photographs are soft, romantic, utterly spell binding and we generally find ourselves holding our breath as we sift through the galleries. Here's what Jess and Whit had to say...We are interested in capturing the moments in between. Remembering the beautiful in the ordinary. In these moments we find the authentic image. Click here to see even more images and here to see our favorite wedding of theirs on SMP.

our labor of love

Above Photo: Our Labor of Love

Parker Pfister is one of those photographers who is quite simply...brilliant. His images will make you cry. They will make you gasp. They will make you wonder how a wedding photograph could ever be that beautiful. He's been a Little Black Book member for a long time and one that we continually look to when we're in need of true, honest inspiration. The kind of inspiration that gives you butterflies. Click here to see even more images and here to see our favorite wedding of Parker's on SMP.

Parker J

Above Photo: Parker Pfister

Jonetsu Studios, a husband and wife duo whose images will turn you into mush the moment you lay eyes on them, also made this year's list. Their photographs are pure romance, pure art...all bundled up in single stunning image. Here's what they had to say about their work...To us, photography is the art of revealing the beauty in every person, in every situation.  Looking back at one's wedding photographs- feelings of connection and celebration should rush back like it all happened just yesterday!  It's an honor to work with such awesome clients who share the same sentiment. Click here to see even more images.

jonestu photography

Above Photo: Jonetsu Studios

In addition to the above 2011 winners, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the winners of past years. All of whom, have found a great little home within our Little Black Book. Starting with Christian Oth, who is the genius behind one of my all time favorite wedding photographs. Click here to see my favorite Christian Oth wedding.

christian oth weddings

Above Photo: Christian Oth

And Jose Villa. I think by now you guys know just how much I love Jose's work. It's the standard to which all wedding photographs should be captured. Click here to see one of my favorite Jose Villa weddings...which just happens to be a celebration for fellow fabulous photographer, Jessica Claire.

jose villa weddings

Above Photo: Jose Villa

And Karen Wise, who is not only pure talent, she is also the photographer who snapped one of my favorite weddings of all time, Lyndsey and Scott's Manhattan affair. Click here to see the whole she-bang. And this little number that she photographed...beyond.

karen wise photography

Above Photo: Karen Wise

Ray Soemarsono and Erwin Darmali of Apertura are another American Photo winner that we simply adore. Especially the shots from this wedding that we featured a while back. And, please notice the subtlties in this ridiculously amazing shot. There are no words...


Above Photo: Apertura

Matt and Sol of Del Sol Photography are the pair behind the lens of wedding photographs that will steal your heart each and every time. That will catch you off guard, that will give you the giddies, that will force you to stare for hours on end. Click here to see even more.

del sol photography

Above Photo: Del Sol Photography

Alisha & Brook are the definition of wedding perfection. Their work literally gives me butterflies. I could quite possible set up shop and live forever in this very image...

alisha and brook phootographers

Above Photo: Alisha & Brook

Cliff Mautner's photography is magic. Pure and simple. The emotion literally pours out of each and every image, making you stop for a moment and devour all of the gorgeousness.

cliff mautner photography

Above Photo: Cliff Mautner's

Kym and Gary of f8studio are another duo that we heart, that also had the honor of being selected by American Photo. Their work is beyond captivating, beyond beautiful and we're always looking forward to the new genius that they are cranking out.

F8 Studio

Above Photo: f8studio

Heather Waraksa has been an SMP friend for a long time. We've pored over her weddings time after time, debating whether we love this one or this one more. Well, her induction into American Photo's top ten photographers in the world back in 2009 was a total no-brainer. And we're pretty sure that Heather only gets better with age.

heather waraksa

Above Photo: Heather Waraksa

So there you have it. The Little Black Bookers that have been given the incredible honor of being one of the best wedding photographers in the world. That's a pretty huge title and one that each one of them lives up to in every way possible. A HUGE and hearty congratulations to all of the artists mentioned...we are so very proud.

So proud in fact, that to celebrate, we're breaking out the bubbly, tossing the confetti and gifting one very lucky reader $499 towards one of our favorite album makers, Cypress. Their books, folios and presentation boxes are kind of stunning and will allow those treasured wedding photos to find a home in the most beautiful of places. You can use the $0499 towards a custom piece that Cypress puts together for you or you can spend it on the Self-Mount photo albums. Either way, the result will be photography perfection.

To enter: Choose your favorite photograph from the above featured images. Enter a comment below with the photographer's name and a brief description of why you love the photograph. We'll choose our favorite answer this Friday, May 20th. Please note, the coordinating images are below the description of the artist.