NEWLYMAID - Turn Old Bridesmaid Dresses into a Little Black Dress!
May 10, 2011

I have a girlfriend that has been a bridesmaid like eight times. And every time, the bride SWEARS she'll be able to wear her bridesmaid dress again. But honestly, take a peak in your own closet and you'll see that is not always the case. And I say that in the nicest possible way, I swear. Well, as usual, Dessy is way ahead of the game. They've just put the finishing touches on their new project, NEWLYMAID, where all of your maids can exchange their bridesmaids dresses for...get this...a little black dress! So all of those "oh-you-can-SO-wear-it-again" nightmares that are hanging in your closet can actually get a fresh new look in the form of a perfect black cocktail dress! How crazy cool is THAT!?

newlymaid by dessy

So are you ready to get rid of a few blasts from the past you have hanging in your closet? Here's how it works. And by the way, it's SO easy, it's a total no brainer. First, choose a dress you're never going to wear again. Then, set up an account at NEWLYMAID and request a pre-paid mailer. Pop that baby in the mail and if accepted, log on to your account to see the special pricing and choose the perfect little black dress. That's it. Easy as pie. The dress styles, which sell between $150 to $250 at full price, range from a sophisticated office look to flirty looks fit for a night on the town.  Click here to see a full breakdown as to how the program works.

Personal opinion? Beyond smart. By jumping on the NEWLYMAID train, you'll be putting money right into your pockets (with that awesome discount), you'll be reducing your carbon footprint (NEWLYMAID will work with UNIFI, a global textile company, to recycle qualifying dresses that are 100% polyester) and you'll be bringing a little sparkle to those that don't have a row of cocktail dresses in their closet. Frankly, I'm only upset that I didn't think of this first!


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